Issued 51

This was not possible. The boardwalk was as wild as a two way street and there was nothing around them that was tall for anyone to hide. Plus there was a the fact that the man had only pass the ten second ago so there was no way the man could have ran away without any them seeing him.  This turn of event events had cause the girls to scream and then run home without giving any though as to the friends was waiting for them and was wondering what was taking them so long. When they got home the quickly told their parents as to what had happen which course them to head straight home.


When the parents had ask them why they have come back so soon the girls ha explain everything that had happen which curse them to run home. To their surprise their parents did not brush it off as something they had made up in their mine. In fact they parents had taken in everything they had told them and was happy that they had indeed return home. Even the oldest  was a bit taking on how her mother and father had reacted after she had told what had happen , and wonder if her folks knew of this person  she had subscribe to them.


In any case both girls had mention what their parents had did to each other on the phone as the continued speaking both girls had realizes that there was something more to this story that nether of their love one had yet to tell them.


“-Your mom and dad are boarding up the windows?”


“Yes and dad had told me not to stay in my room until further notice.”


“Wow, Dad told me the same thing, and even told me not to go in my room because it’s not safe at the moment.”


“Why is it not safe?”


“I don’t know all this and the fact there are movie thing away for the window is coming out of left field. “


“Do you think it has something to do with that man on the boardwalk?


“I don’t see the connection. Yet I must admit, Linda they have acted rather differently after I had told them what we had seen. But still the way they’ve been acting you would think that a stormed is coming.”


“It must be the way they’ve been boarding up the place. What is your parent doing now?”


“I don’t really know. They been in my room for a while now but whatever they’re doing it is very loud.”


“They are properly boarding up your window too that was the first thing my father did after I had told them about that scary man on the boardwalk.


“Maybe there is a stormed coming.”


“Maybe, Molly, and yet I still wonder if all this had to do with what he had told our folks about that man.”


By Jockerlee 77

Co Writer T-Kun U.M II

2012-2014 Manic

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