Alisa Reyes was one of the original cast members of All That. She was known for her skits such as “Island Girls” as Kiki, the hyperactive girl. She was in the show for 3 seasons after leaving All That to pursue in other acting work. She has been involved in other  TV shows such as One World, Boston Public, Six Feet Under, Strong Medicine, NYPD Blue, and voicing the feisty Hispanic character LaCienega Boulevardez in the Disney Channel animated show The Proud Family. Today she’s a DJ for Playboy Radio for Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio.

Kevin and I had the honor to interview Alisa so I hope you enjoy. 

Kevin- When did you get interested in acting?

Alisa- At the age of 3. I tried to stick my head into the tv while watching Sesame Street one day. My mother said “Oh Alisa, that’s not the way you get on TV”. My mother then proceeded to help me land an agent/manager. We sent my pictures around and landed with a great agency called Tracys Kids the first gig. I landed was a union gig and then became my career as an actress. I took dance and vocal classes growing up and also attended a performing arts school and studied with various companies to perfect my craft in the arts.

Patricia- What other career would you had pursed in if you never got into acting?

Alisa- When I was a little girl I use to pretend that I was a teacher or bank teller. At the end of the day I wasn’t happy unless I was singing or dancing or acting out a scene from Fiddler on the Roof. I don’t think I could have wanted anything else career wise passion wise. I have had many jobs in all different areas but being an actress is my true calling.


Kevin- How did you hear about All That?

Alisa- My manager at the time, Marilyn Zitner, submitted me for All That. I was called in to audition for it at the age of 13 in NYC my home town. All I knew is that I needed to do a stand up routine and study a scene they wrote.

Kevin- What was the audition like?

Alisa- LONG! Doing comedy was natural to me. I had to audition for it 7 times. By the time I walked into the Nickelodeon offices I knew everyones name that worked there lol. In comedy there is an odd number in a cast. Nickelodeon wanted Kenan Thompson who at the time was doing Mighty Ducks. If Kenan was able to do All That, then they were going to cast me. So it was a waiting game and very nerve racking when I recieved the call that Kenan joined and that they want me to be the last cast member. I gladly accepted and then began my journey with All That.


Kevin- What was your reaction when you got the part?

Alisa- So happy and overjoyed. My mother and I were very close. She passed away in 2008. She was a big part of my life and where ever I went she went so this job changed my life. My mother gave up her job for me so I could pursue my dreams and live my life to the fullest. Moving to Orlando to shoot the pilot was one of the best memories and I wish I could go back in time and re live that moment.


Patricia- What was it like reuniting with some of the old cast members of All That at the 2011 Comikaze Expo? 

Alisa- Awesome! Katrina and Angelique are already family to me, but I havent seen Josh or Lori Beth in awhile. Kel is someone that I crossed paths with alot like working on The Proud Family or Da Jammies, but he is a good friend as well. Seeing everyone was like the good ole times. Thanks to Lisa Folies who contacted me then I contacted everyone from the original cast and thats how all this came to be.


Patricia- How was it like interacting with the fans at the Expo? 

Alisa- Amazing the support and true sincerity meant the world to us and it felt like we never left.

Patricia- Did you ever think that when coming to the Expo that you would see a bunch of fans still have fond memories of All That and be more than excited to meet up with you? 

Alisa- You never know what type of crowd or response you are going to get but the true 90’s lovers and the true All That fans never changed and it’s because of all of you that our show is back on the air and that Comikaze was such a success. 

Patricia- At the 2011 Comikaze Expo, you and Lisa Foiles did a little commercial involving a foil robot destroying the world. What was that like? 

Alisa- Working with Lisa was so much fun. We are so opposite so playing off of her was a blast she is really funny and full of energy just like me. We just worked well together. It honestly was a pleasure. It was fun playing with robots and playing sexy scientist. I loved wearing my hot red pumps….


Patricia- In All That, who was your favorite guest star/guest singer and why?

My favorite guest star was Sinbad who is a dear friend of mine and just to see him grow and where he is now is an honor. Anyone that has performed on All That really touched my life and many others such as TLC, Aaliya, etc….I loved all of them I couldnt dare just pick one.


Patricia- What was your favorite sketch to perform? 

Alisa- I loved playing Kiki the Island Girl. That was one of my main roles I played. I was like Mary Anne from Gilligan’s Island. I played a hyper ditsy role that always ruined our chances to leave the Island that we were stuck on. Lori Beth Denberg played Fran who was stuck on the Island with me and she was always drained and sad and upset that I ruined any chance of freedom. That was a blast to shoot and I would do it again. 


Kevin- With the exception of Saturday Night Live, you don’t see a lot of sketch comedies any more. Do you think that sketch comedies are a dying art? 

Alisa- I think TV has changed but there will always be room for sketch comedy. In Living Color is making a come back and SNL of course is going strong. I think there is a huge lack of good TV, but I think life is a circle and all good things will come back if meant.

Kevin- Have you met any other Nickelodeon stars while you were on All That? 

Alisa- Of course. Anyone that was on during the time I was on All That I most likely meant. Whether it was an award show or an event or a Nickelodeon party. I always crossed paths with fellow actors. That’s what I loved it was like we were a big family.

Patricia- If you can take any prop from All That, what would it be? 

Alisa- The big ear of corn and the wall from the cold open scene. It had pictures of the cast drawn on the wall.

Patricia- If All That did a remake with new people for a new generation, do you think it will be as good as the original? 

Alisa- I am sure it would be a success because the concepts works but on a personal note there is nothing like an ORIGINAL cast…..


Kevin- What was your favorite Nickelodeon show from the 90’s? 

Alisa- Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Clarissa Explains it All, Ren and Stimpy. I can’t name just one. Please dont do that to me lol


Patricia- How did you get the role of voicing LaCienega Boulevardez in The Proud Family? 

Alisa- I had a random audition and when I met the creators we all clicked and the rest was history, it was just a perfect fit.


Patricia- What was it like voicing LaCienega? 

Alisa- The best. I loved playing her she was so sassy and outgoing and feisty. A lot like me.

Patricia- Is doing voice work easier than acting or is it the same commitment? 

Alisa- The same. You have to put 100% in all you do. If anything you have to give more energy since its just a voice over I have to express as much as I can do its believable.


Patricia- What was it like being a guest star on Six Feet Under and V.I.P.? 

Alisa- Amazing. Working on Six Feet Under was like working on a movie. It was a very professional set. VIP was a blast. I loved Pamela. She was a hoot and beyond sexy.

Patricia- How did you become a DJ for Playboy Radio for Sirius XM? 

Alisa- I heard Playboy Radio was seeking a VJ, so I just reached out to them and told them about me. I had a meeting and got along with the main person that did the hiring they then found a show for me placed me with a co VJ and a few months later, I became the the sole VJ. After I did PBU’s show I got asked to do a second show called The Morning Show on Playboy Radio and the rest was history. I also did hosting for Playboy Radio. What I loved about working for Playboy Radio is that I was fully clothed and didn’t have to show the goods lol…. Then I went onto having my own show on blog talk radio called The Alisa Reyes Show.


Patricia- In your official website, it said that you are Dominican, Italian, Irish, and Caribbean Indian. Have you ever traveled to any of the places that you’ve originated from? If not, would you like to?

Alisa- No I haven’t. I have a passport and I am so ready to travel. I so want to visit Italy and D.R. and Ireland. I want to learn more about my cultures and where my family was from. I intend to travel soon. I can’t wait.

Kevin- If you can be in any movie, what would it be and why? 

Alisa- My dream is to do a time period piece. I love the show The Tudors. I would love to play the Queen of Spain or any role that takes place in a different time period and to speak a dialect.


Patricia- What are your next projects? 

Alisa- I am currently working on a new project with Katrina Johnson from All That. As well as publishing a children’s book in dedication to my mother Brenda who passed away in 2008. I am also about to film a movie. As well as I am producing a film. I also sing so I am currently working on music.  For more info on me visit my site or follow me on twitter @alisareyes.

Patricia- Alright. Thank you so much for taking the time to interview us, Alisa. Take care.

For more information about Alisa’s upcoming projects, visit her website at Also follow her on Twitter @alisareyes and on Instagram at AlisaReyes. 

That’s all for now. Hope to see you around Old School Lane soon. Thanks for reading.

-Patricia and Kevin

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