I never got to say goodbye

True, we kissed and said “next time”

But I wasn’t there when you left for good.

I should have been there

I should have told you how I felt

Our time together was special

But all too brief

And now I’m left with memories

Of what I never got to do.

I never got to meet your friends

Never introduced you to my family

We never went to a movie together

We never even held hands

I dreamt of staying the night at your place

Never did that either

I never had the chance to buy you a Christmas gift

Or a birthday present

Or something for Valentine’s Day

Nor did I get to spank your bare ass

I never got to say “I love you.”

Then again,

I never figured out if I did.

We never argued or fought

I never raised my voice at you

Or came to you when I had a bad day

We never got to be bored with each other

You never saw just how neurotic I am

Never saw me lose my temper

Or make an ass out of myself at karaoke

You never saw most of my foibles

And I never saw most of yours

I think of all the things I wanted to do

That I never had the chance

I guess when I think about it

“Goodbye” was only the beginning.

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