Has anyone ever actually called you fat?

No matter how many times they say it

That won’t change how I see you

I just wish it didn’t change how you see you

Those who say it have chased bean poles and pencils

They’ve forgotten what a real woman looks like

If they say you could stand to lose a little weight

I say we could stand to lose a lot of them

However, if you were fat

I would kiss every inch of your round belly

I’d cuddle with your warm soft flesh

Instead of rocky bone

And all the parts that remind me

I’m with a woman

And not a tire iron

I’d stuff you with cupcakes

To keep up up your sensational curves

After all, I never have been able

To get enough of you

They say a moment on the lips

Is a lifetime on the hips

But with you, that sounds fun

As every grain of sand

In your hour glass figure

Is time I want to be with you

Though if you were fat

I’d still give you a workout

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