I haven’t been around for very long

But a lot has changed in my time

I believe in racial equality

I believe in gender equality

But to me, blacks are still blacks

Salesmen are still salesmen

I use Netflix on a daily basis

To rent DVDs and stream movies

But I still remember having to be kind

And rewind tapes

Computers were once new, scary and confusing

It took forever to get on the internet…

Assuming nobody was using the phone

Now I can pull up a world of information

Anything I want can be reached in a few clicks

I can even make a call at the same time

The year 2000 once sounded so futuristic

We were going to have flying cars and hoverboards

Space travel would be as common as air travel

Now 2000 is history

But I never predicted iPhones or blu rays

We didn’t miss out on the future

It just came in a different package

So…how will things change?

I’ve replaced all my VHS tapes with DVDs

And I’ve replaced some of DVDs with Blu Rays

Will terms like Native American become offensive?

I can fit all the information in the known universe

On a hard drive that fits on a key chain

Where do we go from there?

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