As people has said,

This critic takes a lot of shit,

And how she handles it,

Is a good role model!


Say what others speak about her,

In between the lines,

What she critiques,

Holds a lot more than just fan fiction.


Such as this,

At a form of being creative,

Minds of the young,

Are at the ready to grow into something more!


Sadly at times,

Not all of those of an older time,

Don’t see it,

Just kids being extraordinary kids,

Of an enigma that should be left,

Of have any free thinking and become confining.


Oh yes,

This critic has seen the sad minds,

The crazy minds,

The wrong minds,

The misjudge minds,

And the minds of the unsure!


Creatively is a tender subject,

When others may throw it around,

That not all have it,

People do,

But in different strokes,

But in same rhythm!


FanFic Critic may not know it,

But does it so anyway,

Looking into the minds of many,

And be a humble voice,

Even if no one wants to hear,

But it’s a loss for those only looking skin deep.


At times,

I’m surprise she keeps going,


I would even being shock if she just up and left.


Grand woman she is,

Taking shit left and right,

Being a voice,

And be a friend if wants her to be.


To me she is,

Even when gridding one’s work,

It becomes slowly welcoming,

If given the chance.


Here her out,

That’s all I can say for a critic,

That is doing something to guide,

To lead the many minds through the roads,

Of creatively!

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