Theme Song by Brian Setzer and owned by Walt Disney Records

Theme Song by Patrick DeRemer and owned by Walt Disney Records

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the next part of the character themes list and a continuation of MUSICAL MARCH MADNESS! Let’s continue shall we?

#20 Spider-man Theme music by Danny Elfman

As much as I love the absolutely corny 60s Spidey cartoon show theme the movie theme by Danny Elfman fits the character better. It has a sense of mystery and adventure, but also the grand heroism of a young man overcoming extreme odds in his hero life, personal life and balancing the two by living a life filled with great responsibility. Ten years ago when I was a kid at age 11 I was filled with excitement in the theatre when the lights dimmed and this theme started to play. Back then Spider-man was my favorite superhero (After Batman Begins that mantle switched to the Dark Knight) and I couldn’t wait to see this movie. I can still remember the “Sold Out” signs.

#19 Joker’s Theme “Why So Serious?” music by Hanz Zimmer and James Newton Howard

The Dark Knight is one of my favorite movies ever and it wasn’t just Heath Ledger’s performance that was excellent about the Joker it was also his theme. The theme captures the twisted and disturbing chaotic qualities that the Joker expresses in the film. In fact there’s nothing but a disconcerting noise and warble in the first minute. This gives the listener a very uncomfortable feeling so that when the film starts to play this theme you know that the Joker is near and even when the Joker isn’t there this theme leaves such an impression that you still feel his presence. It may not be a catchy melody, but this is a theme that is absolutely perfect for the Clown Prince of Crime.

#18 Superman Theme music by John Williams

Come on we all know this theme don’t we? Richard Donner’s first two Superman movies are some of the most beloved movies in pop culture. This theme is also pretty much accepted as the definitive Superman theme. And why shouldn’t it? It embodies everything Superman is. Optimistic, charming, strong, heroic, fights for truth and justice (I don’t like the usage of the “American Way” the American Way is a good way, but when Superman says it it seems as if it’s the only way and is rather Xenophobic and arrogant that America is the perfect country when it is nowhere near the perfect country and our way is NOT the right way all the time besides Superman’s obligation is the protection of all innocent life not just America. You do realize that the “American Way” was added in the 1950s because of anti communist hysteria right?) This theme is so popular that it was even used to close out Smallville after an impressive 10 season run! This is the perfect theme to the first superhero and icon that is Superman!

#17 Various Batman Themes

Batman 1989 Theme music by Danny Elfman

Nolan franchise Theme music by Hanz Zimmer and James Newton Howard

Batman Arkham Series Theme music by Nick Arundel

If the Joker is on this list then how could I leave out Batman? I couldn’t just pick one theme either. So I decided to pick all of the major ones. The original theme by Danny Elfman is considered to be the best and I don’t blame anyone who thinks that because it is an excellent theme and combines the dark mood with the great heroism and foreboding power of the character. Elfman’s theme is the iconic one it’s the one people recognize and it was also the theme used in the Animated Series. The Nolan theme by Hanz Zimmer is more gritty and captures the dark ruthlessness of the character striking fear into the hearts of criminals. I love the atmosphere and intensity that this theme has matching the intense direction Nolan was taking the character and world of Gotham. The theme also captures the humanity of Bruce’s loss not just his parents, but others in his crusade against crime and how some of those that don’t die become the villains he must stop. The last one is the latest theme to Batman and it’s the theme to the Arkham Asylum videogame series. I’ve talked about this theme before, but it really does combine the two previous themes to make a super Batman theme to epic results and it sets the stage for Batman’s greatest adventure and challenge Shutting down Arkham City!

#16 Zack Fair Theme music by Takeharu Ishimoto

Piano Version

After Nobuo Uematsu left Square Enix to go freelance he took an extended break from composing Final Fantasy titles and that included prequels like Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core which told the tale of the coming of age of Zack Fair and Sephiroth’s fall into madness. Takeharu Ishimoto would soon become one of Square’s go to guys for Final Fantasy music composition for many of the sequels and is a worthy successor to Uematsu. Zack Fair SOLDIER 2nd Class and then upgraded to 1st Class is my favorite Final Fantasy character. With humble roots from the country village of Gongaga he left home to join Shinra’s army called SOLDIER and to become a hero. His theme takes on many different remix’s throughout the game, but I found two of them that express the character best one is a guitar version showing Zack’s optimistic easy going personality as well as his country boy roots. The next one is a very slow and melancholy piano version that shows how much Zack has matured throughout the game and finally understands the sacrifices and true selflessness that make up what a hero is. A beautiful and excellent theme.

#15 Shadow’s Theme music by Nobuo Uematsu

This is a theme to a supporting character in Final Fantasy VI. Shadow is a ninja that is usually very silent and cold and leaves the party once he has received his pay. His theme ingeniously composed by Nobuo Uematsu is that of a spaghetti western. That’s right they gave a ninja cowboy music. What’s not to like about that? That’s just awesome! If you think about it ninja’s are just like cowboys. They are unique to their respective cultures. They are usually loners, but can occasionally have sidekicks. They can be brooding and serious as well as completely badass. So these connections make this theme even more awesome!!!! The theme captures the loneliness and brooding personality of Shadow and yet it can also show genuine concern and sincerity especially when Shadow tells the main character to not close her heart off to other people like he did “to not kill her emotions” as he put it. An excellent theme.

#14 Turks’ Theme music by Nobuo Uematsu

Crisis Core Version

The Turks are a group of basically professional assassins and secret agents of the Shinra Electric Power Company from Final Fantasy VII. The theme evokes how laid back and cool they are. If you think this is your stereotypical no nonsense secret agency then you are in for a treat. The Turks that are made up of Reno, Rude, Tseng, Elena and Cissnei and formerly Vincent Valentine and each express unique and outgoing personalities, but the characters are all fairly consistent with the cool beat the theme offers.

#13 Tifa’s Theme music by Nobuo Uematsu

This is the theme to one of the hottest women of gaming, Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII. Tifa is a strong, caring, and gorgeous woman and is one of the female leads in Final Fantasy VII. The theme evokes the character’s kindness, optimism and how much she cares about other people Cloud in particular. The theme is most beautiful when it is played on piano which was used in the movie Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. The theme is so calm and soothing which fits with Tifa always trying to help the man she loves, Cloud. An absolutely beautiful theme.

#12 Cloud Smiles music by Nobuo Uematsu

Now most people believe that the Main Theme to Final Fantasy VII is Cloud Strife’s theme and I know that that is most likely the case, but I still think this one from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children gets to the root of who Cloud really is. This theme plays once Cloud has learned to let go of his guilt and pain and look forward to a better future that he is forgiven and can live a good life and overcome the stain of JENOVA and Sephiroth. This theme is peaceful and full of hope that the sun will rise and the title is a testament to the fact that Cloud hasn’t smiled since before the Nibelheim incident which was years before the original game. This is the theme that shows a brooding heroes return to the light!

#11 Aerith’s Theme music by Nobuo Uematsu

This is the theme that was a major contributing factor to making many people even grown men cry like babies. This is the character theme to Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII. She is a very kind sweet chirchgirl who cares about anyone and everyone and everything. Her theme captures the beauty and serenity of the character and is an absolute masterpiece from Nobuo Uematsu. Mozart who? Beethoven? Forget about him. The beauty of this theme is absolutely extraordinary!!


Join me next time where the final 10 character themes are revealed!


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