The Move



Not much is there to say,

but we are all doing it.

Packing up all hard work and move.

Going from a trailer into a condo,

In way.

Leaving an old home,

Remembering the best and worst of it,

And go to that new home.

Ready to have that open house of a new kind,


Even if opening house is still a long ways away,

Preparing for it,

Is always worth it,

If you put what all you had,

In making the last house all the better.

This is the chance of change.

The moment to surpass from before,

And go beyond.

This move is hard work.

This move takes a lot to handle.

This move is scary yet fun.

The move isn’t done yet,

But when it is,

We all cheer that we did it!

How about it?

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