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You know, this is a question that’s been bugging me for quite some time. Where exactly do Pokemon come from? Were they created, and if so by whom? If they evolved naturally, then are there any external factors? Well join me as I try to work out this puzzle.

First off, lets take the naturalist view that the evolved to fit in with nature. The ultimate plant would be one that could fend off predators using razor leaves or vine-like whips. In a Pokemon-eat-Pokemon world only the fittest would survive and breed. So perhaps that’s what grass-type Pokemon did? They out-evolved their predator by having more movement and life. It’d be pretty hard to eat a sunflower that keeps fighting back. But what about rock and ground types? Why would they need to evolve? Well imagine if a rock managed to gain life, maybe even sentience. A rock would naturally want to avoid being eroded. So if it could move, it would reposition itself in a place where erosion would have no effect on it. As for the rest of the Pokemon, well, they too would have to then evolve in order to adapt to this new world where their food source is stronger then them. Herbivores would need to adapt fire or poison like abilities to take down their food. And those higher up in the food chain would likewise need to evolve to battle against these new threats. So it would be a constant race where Pokemon keep trying to out-evolve each other so they don’t die out. Why else would no normal animal exist (besides normal types, the Pokemon that resemble most closely their original form). So does Pokemon live in a universe where natural selection went into overdrive?

But that doesn’t cover all Pokemon. No there are currently 8 Pokemon created by man (15 if you count their evolutions). To name them: Grimer (evolved from the toxic muck left by man), Voltrob (created when Pokeballs were), Proygon (created to be an artificial and digital Pokemon), Mewtwo (clone of the legendary Mew), Castform (created to help predict the weather due to the way it changes), Banette (a plush toy possessed by a ghost Pokemon), Trubbish (same idea as Grimer, except with trash bags) and Golett (said to be created when an ancient civilisation bonded ghost Pokemon with rocks). Now it’s the last one that’s the most interesting. An ancient civilisation created Pokemon. So is it not logical to think that perhaps all Pokemon were created by the ancestors of the modern day NPCs. I mean, if they can make one Ghost/Rock Pokemon, who’s to say they couldn’t make other types of Pokemon? So perhaps ancient man made Pokemon. But how would they do it? Well Golett is part Ghost. So perhaps Pokemon are created by bonding the spirit of something to a pre-existing item. For example, bonding the spirit of a ghost to a Pokeball or a trash bag. If this is the case, it’d explain why there are so many Pokemon. All you need is to successfully create a pair (Adam and Eve, so to speak) and you’ve created a new line of Pokemon. There are an awful lot of Ghost Pokemon floating around the place. But is this process done with the ghost’s consent? When a human dies do they choose to bond with an inanimate object and give it life? A couple in love continues their love by bonding fire to a lizard? But where does evolution come into this? Is it that some spirits are so powerful that they can transgress beyond their original form and evolve into stronger and better? This theory does seem to fill in some problems. But there’s still the idea of Legendaries. They existed before man. Where could they come from?

Well on top of the previous argument, is Pokemon something that should be banned by the church? Since it is probably the best argument for Creationism one would ever find. It seems so unlikely that Pokemon would evolve naturally that it only makes sense that they were created by some higher power. If those far right-wing Church goers that object to everything realised that, they’d have a lot more kids on their side.

But I digress. Where do the Legendaries come from? Well who’s to say that a God of some sort didn’t make them? I know there’s technically a God of Pokemon, but perhaps there’s a creator even beyond that that made them. And to continue with the above theory, each of these Pokemon also have a piece of his soul inside of them. He bonded parts of his soul to the very land he raised, or the very idea of Time that he made. They act as ‘demi-Gods’, capable of doing his bidding. So perhaps a Pokemon is created by the joining of a spirit and an inanimate object, the Legendary Pokemon being the ultimate conclusion to such an idea.

So there you have it. Pokemon either evolve naturally in a world where Darwinism went into over-drive, or they are instead more spiritual creatures. If you disagree with anything, or have anything to add, feel free to leave a comment. Till next time.

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