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I want to clarify something. I was never big on 3D. I still prefer to see a movie normally. I like 3D movies like the earlier short films in the Disney parks such as Captain EO and Muppet Vision 3D, but in a normal film 3D doesn’t do anything for me. With all that said I wanted to see B&B in 3D because any excuse to experience that MASTERPIECE in theatres is definitely welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B&B hardly needs 3D to be loved by a whole new generation of audiences, but the effect is pretty neat giving the shots a sort of popup storybook type feel. I will say that 3D definitely enhances the environments!!!!!!!!!!!! Beast’s Castle has never looked better (well it’s not as good as the Kingdom Hearts version, but the game has freedom of movement, interaction and exploration on its side). Another really cool thing is the new design of the credits. Every few seconds a sketch of the characters will materialize onscreen and pop out and I thought that was great!! Being the nerd that I am I stayed till the end of the credits and the dedication to Howard Ashman is still there. Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite Disney movie and one of my favorite movies in general. You may own this movie already or have seen it a billion times, but it is definitely worth seeing in the theatres! If you have young children you NEED to introduce them to the one of the greatest and beloved movies ever created. This is Disney! This is animation! This is what movies are all about and to finally see this movie on the big screen is very personally satisfying.


Join me next time where we dive under the sea again to countdown my TOP 13 BEST LITTLE MERMAID THE ANIMATED SERIES EPISODES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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