1.  What is Manic Expression?

    Manic Expression is a site made specifically for creator by creators.

  2. What is the purpose and goals of the site?

    Manic Expression:  A site mission statement:

    “We, the community of Manic Expression, strive to create a blogging site that members feel welcome at.  We want them to never be afraid to post their articles, art, podcasts and films to showcase their talents and their dreams.  We want them to experience the art of their fellow members and appreciate what each of us has to offer.  We want to have friendly support for our projects whenever possible, or civil disagreements when it’s not.  We want our members to not fear constructive criticism and to learn from each other to improve ourselves as bloggers and as friends.

    As such, we encourage self expression, but discourage trolls.  Personal attacks of a trollish nature(racial, sexual or patriotic slurs, or irrational name calling and put-downs) will not be tolerated.  We will do whatever we need to do to protect our members from it.”

  3. Contact Us

    You can contact us at,


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