Darkfan21: It has been far too long since those three fools humiliated me. I must take them down but how? Going up against in the past has brought nothing but pain and agony. But that was on their turf. I need to bring them to somewhere where I have the upper hand. Yes, bring them here and make them think that they have the advantage but test their will and break them so that, when I face them again. There is nothing left in them. By the time, they are threw with the tests, I’ve planted over this place, their spirits will be crushed. Why, they’ll want to give up, just so they can live. Of course, I may let two of them live but one must die. But which one? The one that created me, the one that tricked me or the one that sent me here. Ah, no matter. I’ll figure it out in due time but I must keep at least two of them alive so that this game of cat and mouse can keep going.

*Our three heroes have now been transported*

Darkfan21: Excellent, my plan worked!

Moviefan12: What happened? Where am I? (notices DisneyOtoko and Fusionater). How’d you guys get here?

DisneyOtoko: Well I was placing an order to get the older DVD versions of Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi (No I will not get the Blu Ray with all of Lucas’s unnecessary changes) when I sensed a great darkness that had an unusual and dangerous power. So I got my Keyblade and my standard Resident Evil weaponry (Survival Knife, 2 Wing Shooter Handguns, Ithaca Shothgun, RE6 Sniper Rifle, RE6 Assault Rifle and Lightning Hawk Magnum). I was admittedly caught off guard when Darkfan appeared. I demanded to know how he got out, but he didn’t say anything. He seemed different. Just as immature, but more conniving and dare I say sociopathic and serious. He opened a corridor of darkness and I ended up here and I saw you appear through the corridor he sent you in.

Moviefan12: Well all right. I was just about to buy to an MLP plushie. Hey, don’t look at me like that. Well no, matter. I’ve got the Genie’s lamp, Yensid’s hat to take down Darkfan. Oh and of course, my new MLP Party Cannon. I’ve gotta thank Magic Dust for getting Pinkie Pie to make me one. So, I think we should be able to take him down no problem and if one of us gets hurt. No problem, I know how to use Rapunzel’s Healing Song.

DisneyOtoko:I have herbs blue, green, red, yellow and plenty of Potions, Hi- Potions, Mega Potions, Elixers, Megalixers and Cure magic as long as my Magic Points permit. So I’d say we’re as prepared as can be. So any suggestions on how to get out of here?

Fusionater: I was busy preparing a crack team of web developers to move manic-expression.com over to wordpress…they all ran away when the dark hole in the wall appeared…and than I was sucked in.

Fusionater: I have an assortment of Inators inspired by Phineas and Ferb.

*gets a look from Moviefan and DisneyOtoko*

*Sigh* no, I haven’t gotten the otherdimensioninator to work yet.

DisneyOtoko and Moviefan12: *sigh*

Darkfan21: Oh, you won’t be going anywhere. I’d say it’s a pleasure to see you gentlemen again but we all know the truth. There is only one way to get out of here and I’m not sure, your going to like it. The only way out is death. You see gentlemen, I’ve trapped you the same way, I was trapped all those months ago. You see, I’ve brought you here to exact my revenge on the three of you and oh, you may be thinking that you have the advantage with it being three against one and you have your weapons. Moviefan, why don’t you use that stupid cannon that you were given by that annoying pink pony.

Moviefan12: All right, I will. *pulls out party cannon* And now, fire. It seems to be clogged. It’s not working.

Darkfan21: It’s not clogged, Moviefan. You see I knew that you’d have weapons on you just in case we ever met again but for you see, when I brought you gentlemen here, I made sure to render all of your weapons powerless. Which will make killing all of you that much easier.

Fusionater(after Moviefan tries his cannon): I’m willing to bet my tech won’t work either than.

DisneyOtoko: Did you forget about my Keyblade already? It’s powers are limitless and your foolish manipulations won’t work. Plus I’ve been here before and got out (just barely) so you picked the wrong spot. You may have the upper hand now, but it won’t last! (Contacting Moviefan telepathically) Moviefan when I say make a break for it!

(raises Keyblade and emits a powerful light and It’s A Small World ballad version plays to weaken Darkfan and I open a portal to transport us miles away within the Dark Realm)

DisneyOtoko: That’ll slow him down, but he seems to know the terrain just as well as I do. He’ll catch up momentarily. Right now we need a plan I’m open for suggestions.

*after DisneyOtoko asks for suggestions*

Fusionater: Well, out of the 3 of us, you know him best Moviefan, what’s his next move?

Fusionater: I can repair some of my own tech, but I’m afraid I’m not sure about yours Moviefan.

Moviefan12: I’m not sure, what his next move will be. Well, I’m not worried about the hat, or the lamp. And as for the super duper mega awesome Party Cannon. I do have an owner’s manual. *pulls out oversized owner’s manual* Ah, here we go what to do when your party cannon is left powerless by your arch enemy.


Well, that doesn’t seem very helpful. How is running going to fix this thing? Think, Magic Dust told me there was a keyword to get this thing activated again,in case of an event like this. What could it be? Duh. *looking at cannon* Okie Dokie Lokie! *tests cannon* Yes, it works. I’ll have to write that down.

*after some walking*

Moviefan12: Okay, we know Darkfan wasn’t fully effected by the song or the Keyblade. It appears that he has gotten stronger since you last faced him, DisneyOtoko. I could always try using a teleportation spell using the hat to get us out of here but since I haven’t mastered it, there is no telling, where we’ll end up and if I’m not careful, he might be brought along. What do you guys think, should I go for it?

DisneyOtoko: Actually don’t try to teleport out. He’ll most likely sense it and stop us before we get a chance. I have a surefire plan to end this once and for all, but it won’t be easy. When I was trapped here last time I heard from other lost souls that there were 3 towers where Darkness reigns. They’re the main places of this otherwise incoherent realm. If we pass the trials of the towers we should be able to earn our passage out of here and not only that the Darkness will acknowledge our victory and weaken Darkfan so he won’t have his special powers anymore and then we can end this once and for all in one final fight while the odds are evened.

Still the path is dangerous. The Dark realm even now is messing with our heads and we will face our greatest fears and greatest pains. I can find the towers and give you an image so the teleportations are more exact.

Fusionater: Who’s to say Darkfan hasn’t already been to the towers and passed a trial himself? On the other hand, I don’t think he has it in him to take the risk.

Moviefan12: Well alright, how far is it to the first tower? Also, I’ve been thinking about this but something seems different about Darkfan. Since you last faced him, DisneyOtoko, I’ve tried to get more information on him but I haven’t been able to find anything. Sure, I know what your thinking I created him but that’s the thing, I didn’t create the Darkfan, he has become. He did that on his own. I’m starting to wonder if our encounters with him have led him to become stronger. Luckily, my cannon is working but still isn’t enough. I’m afraid, that even with all of our weapons, Darkfan will find a loophole. Also, I’m not sure if we can kill Darkfan here seeing as he has the upperhand but we need to at least find a way to seriously damage him.

DisneyOtoko: I underestimated Darkfan’s hatred for you. I thought banishing him here would eventually kill him and his stupidity would end up having him inevitably lost, but it has only made his hatred stronger and since I actually hurt him the most that hatred is not just for you, but for me as well.

To answer your question it’s about 20 miles, but that’s normal distance and here distance is irrelevant. However if one is in tune enough they can manipulate the perceived and actual distance. Which is why Darkfan can get around so quickly, but since I have the same ability and knowledge I can keep up with him relatively well. (concentrates and makes the space go into a clear shot to the tower 20 “miles” away”.

Fusionater: Darkfan certainly isn’t a moron, based on some of the things he has created, but I didn’t think he had the capability to escape this place, I wonder how he did it?

DisneyOtoko: I don’t think he has, I think he’s been tethered to this place, why else would he stay here?

Moviefan12: Who’s to say, he didn’t want to stay here. Anyways, I think we are getting close to the first tower. So, who wants to go first?

DisneyOtoko: I’ll go. I can unlock the door with my Keyblade. (unlocks door and they doors open and I step into the gates)

*Now inside the tower*

Moviefan12: Uh guys, is that a DVD player over there? How’d that even here? Hold on, it looks like there’s a pile of DVDs here. Okay, this is just getting weird.

Fusionater: Ooh, he’s got DVD’s? he’d better have some good ones

DisneyOtoko: No Way! Are You Kidding me?! When I said the tower was going to to break us and test us apparently I wasn’t joking we have to face our worst nightmares by reviewing movies we loathe and swore we’d never review! The Incredibles for you Moviefan! Let’s see we have Bully Bromance Breakup for Fusionater and NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ruin of my beloved Atlantican universe Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moviefan12: Hand me, The Incredibles DVD. *Opens DVD* Really, this isn’t even the right movie. Oh god, it can’t be. Someone played a prank on me and put something in here that is much worse then that horrid superhero movie. Guys, how much money do you have? Because we are going to need therapy after this. It’s Too Smart For Strangers. AH!!!!

Fusionater: Right than, good luck with that one…wanna trade?

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