Mickey’s House of Villains Review

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Let’s face it I love House of Mouse! The show was a great way of proving to 21st century audiences that the classic cartoon characters could survive in the new millennium and also that Disney was still capable of creating funny and charming shorts. One thing that I love even more than the House of M (Marvel pun intended) is Disney Villains!! When it was first announced 10 years ago that the Disney Villains would take over the House of Mouse and that Mickey would have to do battle with them to defeat them I was psyched!! I thought that would be awesome!! Unfortunately what I got was an INCREDIBLY LAME, LAZY, ANTICLIMACTIC CHARACTER ASSASSINATION!!!!!! The concept is awesome, but the way that concept is carried out is one one of the most unsatisfying Disney films I’ve ever seen. This is Mickey’s House of Villains!


Alright the story is terrible. Now as far as the cartoons go they are fine. There’s nothing wrong with them. In fact the Hansel and Gretel one is so awesome that I think it should be honored with some sort of award for for Best short cause that was amazing. But in the grand scheme of things the cartoons actually destroy the pacing of the film. the format of the show could support the 20 minute TV show format, but not a feature. In a feature there needs to be a more satisfactory balance, but that’s not realized. One of the many aspects that makes this a let down is the fact that the villains are only in charge for about the last 20 minutes of the film. I admit that having the villains sitting at the table planning to take over is awesome, but that’s it and the film just starts showing the cartoon. The plan doesn’t grow or develop in anyway and the relationships between the villains are never touched upon making them 1 dimensional and nowhere near interesting. The viewer isn’t intrigued in the slightest as to how they’re going to carry out the plan. Once they do take over that’s when the anger starts to take effect. These villains that are completely excellent in their original films are considered to be the one best villains in all of cinema. When they take over do they A. torture princesses, B. Reenact their moments of glory to show off their bravado and egos, C. Fight amongst themselves to see who has control over the club, or D. Seek godhood by trying to attain Kingdom Hearts ? The answer is NONE OF THESE THINGS!!!! What do they do then? THEY SHOW MORE CARTOONS!!!!!!!  Words can not describe how lame this is. There is absolutely no sense of urgency for Mickey to get back inside to help and all dignity and menace that the villains once had is now gone. Taking over the club just so the villains could run it is extremely petty and completely demeaning and beneath these great characters. I just thought of something if the villains have the club then why doesn’t Mickey just find or build a new one? If I recall the club got destroyed a few times in the show and they rebuilt it. It would actually be more beneficial because the villains could have their own club and the good guys could have a club where they’re out of eachother’s hair. What, does their insurance not cover villain takeovers?Not to mention the biggest letdown of all! The fight between Mickey and Jafar is COMPLETELY ANTICLIMACTIC!! The fight is incredibly short, not bad ass, and it ends with deus ex machina of Aladdin randomly knocking on the backstage door and tossing Daisy the lamp with the gang tossing it to Mickey because he lost his sorcerer hat in a counterattack that Mickey could have easily blocked! The real insulting thing is that in the time it took to give Mickey the lamp they could have easily given him back the hat to continue the fight!!! UGH!!!!

This film is a completely missed opportunity. The film should have had the villains take over about 20 minutes in and the mood should have completely changed to very dark and the villains should have been scheming a grander scheme with the takeover being the first step. The villains should have been doing terrible things to the good guys trapped inside giving Mickey a sense of urgency to get inside and save the day. Once inside Mickey has a full on battle with all of the villains!! That is a villain team up and a Special.I will admit though that Minnie storming into the club and getting carried out by Hook was absolutely hilarious.



Characters were 1 dimensional and the villains completely sucked ‘Nuff said!!



This is the best aspect of the film. The intro music fits the magical yet sinister nature which is soon to be disappointed by the lame execution of the “plot”.

It’s Our House Now by Randy Peterson and Kevin Quinn

This song is actually quite good. It captures the victorious villains very well and could have easily gone into the dark mood that should have been implemented after the takeover. Unfortunately this is ruined by having the villains do the conga line. Why? This was the first nail in the coffin of the dignity of these villains.Good but ruined by the shortcomings of the story.



The animation is solid and the film looks great. There’s really nothing else to say.



This is a really bad film. It’s a shame because I love the show it came from and I love the concept. Unfortunately the execution is completely lame.



Luckily a year later we would get a true and respectable villain team up in Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts Villain scene

Join me next time where I pay tribute to a show that first aired 50 years ago. The star of that show is one of my favorite performers ever and a Disney Legend. Next time I will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Dick Van Dyke Show!

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