(DisneyOtoko thinks long and hard about the situation)


DisneyOtoko: Look Moviefan, I’m not going to be the self righteous preachy guy. For as much as I base myself on emotion I’m also very clinical and analytical as well. This is your battle and your enemy. You end it the way you want to. Still this is not a decision to make lightly. It requires extreme thought and contemplation. Do what you think is right and what will bring you and the ones you care about the most happiness. In the meantime I’ll start thinking of loopholes in this as well as other alternatives.

Moviefan12: Thanks, I was wondering what you were going to say. I’m glad, your being so understanding. Now I’ve thought long and hard about how to go through with this and as powerful as my weapons may be. They can’t kill. But there is another way, there are two sides to magic. Light and Dark. For the most part, I’ve relied on Light Magic, that along with the power of my fandom is what keeps my weapons working but Light Magic cannot kill Darkfan21. So, when I finally face him, I’m going to have to access the Dark Magic within me. Everyone who studies magic has some Dark Magic in them and I may have to let it take over. For you see Dark Magic is so powerful that it can control the one who summoned it and if I am going out, I might as well let the Dark Magic do the deed. Just promise me, you will not tell anyone, when you two get back to our world. Tell them, I decided to stay behind or that I was too late and couldn’t make it out of here. They’ll figure it out in time but for now, I don’t want anyone to know of my sacrifice.


Fusionater: *awakening* Ugh, what happened*sees a window* oh yeah. *stands, stretches* Right than, I need to get out of here.

*walks up to a door, sees a heartless standing on the other side*

Fusionater: Well, that’s no good, ok, let’s see, the door is wood, good. *Pulls out screwdriver* Time to loosen some hinges, this is gonna hurt. *loosens hinges*

Fusionater: right…1…2…3! *charges at the door, when he hits it, it falls on the heartless*

Fusionater: That won’t stop it…*runs*

(meanwhile Moviefan12 and DisneyOtoko are still talking)

Moviefan12: So as I was telling you, I have to let the Dark Magic take over in order to kill Darkfan21. It’s not going to be a pretty sight. So I suggest you stand back. Hey uh, have you seen Fusionater? I swear it seems like since your review, he’s been missing. Do you hear that?

DisneyOtoko: Hear what?

Darkfan21: Why two of them here, ooh this should be fun!

Moviefan12: DARKFAN!!!!! Get out here now. We’ve survived your tests! You’ve put us through Hell and back.

Darkfan21: Oh, where’s the fun in giving myself up so easily! You want to kill me, you should have to work for it, Moviefan12!

*Suddenly a maze appears*

Darkfan21: The two of you will have to survive this maze, if you wish to kill me.

Moviefan12: No, DisneyOtoko, your not coming. This is my fight! I should be the one to end him. Not you! So, goodbye! *a single tear runs down Moviefan’s face*

Darkfan21: Your really going to go through with this. I can’t believe that you’d actually do this. You are so foolish. Do you not realize that even if you succeed, you still lose?

Moviefan12: *Moviefan enters maze Of course, I’ve thought of that and for once in my life, I am not going let fear hold me back. For two years now, I’ve wanted you gone. I should’ve let DisneyOtoko kill you when he had the chance. I even thought about asking him to do it but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Y’know why, because in some sick and twisted way, I cared for you. I realized that I would actually miss you. Don’t ask me why, that is but that is what held me back but not today. No, instead I’ve decided to let my hatred for you take over. Because as we both know, hatred is how one accesses their Dark Magic. And I know that Dark Magic is the only I’ll be able to kill you.

(Back to Fusionater)

Fusionater: What is this place? *looks around*

Fusionater: It looks like, a lab..excellent! I’ve got some work to do. Now let’s see, we’ve got some cables and, yay, a weapon!

*suddenly, a heartless appears*

Fusionater: Gah! Take that! *fires weapon, Heartless evaporates*

*Fusionater looks at the weapon/gun thing*

Fusionater: You better take AA’s cause I’m keeping you. Now than, we’ve got some couils here some springs over there, a few chambers…

(meanwhile again, I appear again at the end)

(Back to Moviefan12 & Darkfan21)

Darkfan21: Come and find me, Moviefan. Your getting closer and closer. What’s that, I think the anger is building up in you! But it’s still not enough to take me down.

Moviefan12: That’s where your wrong! This entire time, the anger and hatred I have for you has been building up and now I can finally let the Dark Magic take over. *Moviefan ‘s body is engulfed in flames* You see, Darkfan I have done it. I have finally let the Dark Magic take over and now with this, I can finally end you. This is going to be so worth it for all of the crap, you’ve brought to my life. I may have created you but you became the monster you are on your own. *Moviefan emits a beam of Dark Magic and throws it*. Scared yet, Darkfan? Because I’d be if I were you, you foo!!! I am finally stronger then you, more powerful. Killing you is so going to be worth it! I’ve dreamt of this day for years. I finally get to rid of the world of you, you coward! Letting the Dark Magic take over and letting it eat my heart was the right decision. So come out here and show yourself, coward. So, we can end this once and for all!

Darkfan21: Moviefan12, huh? Look, I hate you but this isn’t you!

Moviefan12: It is now! *throws a ball of fire trying to lure Darkfan21 out while destroying the maze at the same time*

Darkfan21: Your scaring me, Moviefan!

Moviefan12: That’s the point! Now get out here. You can’t hide from the inevitable! We both know if you die, I die and I’m willing to take you out! *Moviefan throws a beam of Dark Magic at Darkfan as he comes out*

Darkfan21: I’m here!

Moviefan12: Excellent, it’s time to say goodbye! *Moviefan is about to kill Darkfan with the Dark Magic, when suddenly, he is snapped out of it as he sees his friends*. No, get out of my mind, I cannot have these thoughts if I’m trying to kill someone. I just have to muster through it. They mean nothing to me now. The old Moviefan12 no longer exists. The goody two shoe hero died the moment, the Dark Magic took over. And I like it, that way. Now I can finally prove that I am not a lame hero! No, a hero doesn’t do what I’m about to do. But I must, there’s no other option. But killing him would be wrong. Letting him live would be no better either. Ah, what do I do? Kill him! No, I shouldn’t but I must. Think Moviefan, think!

Darkfan21: What’s going on?

(Moviefan12 takes one last look at Darkfan21)

Moviefan12: Get out of here before I do something I regret! I’m going to let you but I never want to see your sorry face again and if you even think about laying a finger one of my friends, I will not hesitate to kill you. Consider yourself lucky and warned.

(Moviefan12 meets back up with DisneyOtoko who is surprised to see his friend alive)

Moviefan12: DisneyOtoko, yeah I uh, I couldn’t do it. I really wanted to kill him and I was ready to do it but something came over me, at the last moment and I just couldn’t. Your lucky that you didn’t have to witness what happened back there. I became a monster. I don’t think that I’ll be using magic for a while, not if it can turn me into the monster I became back there. I never want that to happen again. It’s not even a case of it wasn’t me because in some strange way, I got enjoyment out of torturing Darkfan21. That’s it, when I get home, I am locking these powers away for good.

DisneyOtoko: Messing with Dark Magic is foolish especially with no personal Darkness to keep things in check. That’s why it was foolish to create Darkfan in the first place. It created an imbalance in you as is. Still I’m glad you’re safe and I’ll be keeping an eye on you. That Dark Magic frightens me and I’m more frightened of the others that wish to exploit it especially seeing as you have no filter for it. All things considered I’d say over all this was a victory.

Moviefan12: Yeah but at what cost? True, no one died but someone almost did. Right now, I just want to go home and forget this ever happened. I hate myself for what I almost did and forget about me using a teleportation spell. Also, where is Fusionater? If anyone he should know how to get home. I mean he mentioned that he knew how to build an inator that could take his home. What is keeping him?

(Meanwhile back with Fusionater)

*Fusionater has just finished a device*

Fusionater: BRILLIANT! Now, I need to get this to the other 2…

Mysterious voice: You’re not going anywhere.

Fusionater…!?!? Darkfan21?!?

Darkfan21: I am a version of Darkfan21, I am the Deviously Actualized, Rebel Killing, Force Abusing, Neutralizer. Version 21.

Fusionater: That’s a stretching acronym.

D.A.R.K.F.A.N. 21: I am a dangerous robot, and you shall die.

*Shoots lazer from eyes, Fusionater ducks*

Fusionater: It’s a fight than! *pulls out new weapon*

D.A.R.K.F.A.N. 21: ‘Analysis’ Carbon based metal allow with a phase shifting nuclear core. Threat level: Intermediate.

Fusionater: …Well your face looks funny.

D.A.R.K.F.A.N. 21: ‘Analysis’ Quip designed to distract enemy attention. Threat level: Zero.

Fusionater: Hm? uh…*pulls out candy bar*

D.A.R.K.F.A.N. 21: ‘Analysis’ Glucose based stick of fat. Threat level: Minimal.

Fusionater: Cool. *pulls out spare shoe lace*

D.A.R.K.F.A.N. 21: ‘Analysis’ Enemy agent attempting to take advantage of this units primary functions. Threat level: High. ‘Adapting.’ *fires a new lazer*

Fusionater: Oh shi…*ducks*Shoots his gun weapon thing*

D.A.R.K.F.A.N. 21: *Is hit with the weapon, no apparent affect* ‘Declaration’ You cannot win.

Fusionater: “correction” (God do you realize how annoying that is?) I cannot destroy you…apparently, so, later! *pulls out new device, activates it*

*a portal is opened, and D.A.R.K.F.A.N. 21 is being pulled to it*

D.A.R.K.F.A.N. 21: ‘Exclamatory declaration’ AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

*is pulled into the portal*

(Fusionater is now with Moviefan12 and DisneyOtoko)

Moviefan12: Fusionater, there you are.

Fusionater: *Runs in, pulls out weapon* Where’s Darkfan!?!?

Moviefan12: He’s been taken care of, now we need to get home.

DisneyOtoko: You guys go on ahead. I’ll stay here for a little bit. I’m going to have one more look around see if there’s any surprises and I can get back on my own. *DisneyOtoko walks off*

Fusionater: Ah, I’ve just the thing for that. *pulls out device*starts turning dials*

Moviefan12: Spectacular, this can take us home?

Fusionater: Yup*opens up portal, Moviefan12 leans over it.*

Moviefan12: *gulp* Your sure this will work?

Fusionater: Well, I should tell you…

Moviefan12: What?

Fusionater: There’s a good chance we’ll end up in Narnia.

Moviefan12: WHAT!?!? This better get me back home, Fusionater.

Fusionater: See ya on the other side. *pushes Moviefan into the portal*

Fusionater: Now than, GERONIMO!!! *Jumps into the portal*


Mysterious Figure: Darkfan21, four times now, you’ve had the chance to prove yourself as a villain. And four times now, you have failed. This last bout proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that that Moviefan12 is indeed stronger then you and has shown the potential for joining the dark side. You’ve failed too many times.

Darkfan21: Anti, please. What are you going to do to me? Please don’t kill me.

Anti: Oh, Darkfan, you know I loathe killing. No, I’d rather make you suffer a much worse fate. *Anti places his hand on Darkfan’s head* I am stripping you of your evil powers. Because you have shown that you should have never had them to begin with.

Darkfan21: *as his powers are being stripped* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

*DisneyOtoko is watching from a distance as Anti leaves, Anti notices him and DisneyOtoko confronts him*

DisneyOtoko: So you’re the new guy? I’m going to make this very quick. I have no intention of fighting you. I can sense we’re evenly matched and I know you can feel it too. Just so you know Moviefan will never submit. He may be led astray of course, but there will always be a part of him that will lead him home again. And with a little help from his friends and possibly from a former foe he will return stronger than when he went astray. Now I know you’re not thinking of getting rid of his friends because you’re a smart person you know that would never work. Cause one I’ll protect them and 2 I sense there’s a part of you before you became as cold and cruel as you are that was kind and compassionate. You have done your best to bury it and refuse to acknowledge it, but it’s there and it frightens you more than Moviefan. All I need to do is investigate it and understand it and sit back and watch the show. The show of how you fail to corrupt Moviefan and how the good in you will scream in agony at your actions and as your cruelty destroys you. So have fun! Now if you excuse me I have a villain wannabe to cheer up.

Anti: Kid, you know nothing about love. It died a long time ago. You can pretend that it still exists but love isn’t real. I’ll be keeping my eye on you because I do not want to get in the way of my plans. Now I won’t kill you as that is just so uncouth. No, I’ll just make your suffer. You talk a big game kid bu I’m not phased.

*Anti walks off and DisneyOtoko goes to face Darkfan one last time*.

DisneyOtoko: How’s it going loser?

DisneyOtoko: Do you want a balance to return? When Moviefan created you he foolishly created an imbalance in his own heart separating evil from his essence which created your physical form and gave him and me many headaches. Now Moviefan’s demeanor is similar to yours and now this new enemy has risen and wants to do much worse. Moviefan is your equal and is the good that you loathe yet can’t live without. Are you going to let someone move in on your turf? I wouldn’t think so.

(stabs Darkfan and kills his body, but his essence lives and is sustained by my magic) You must return to Moviefan. To keep an eye on him. To keep his Dark Magic in check and to prevent this new enemy from exploiting it. You will return to where you belong inside Moviefan and having those dark places in his heart all to yourself. But first you must be trained to focus and gain mental and spiritual strength. It will take a lot of time, but as long as you’re committed it will work.

(gets out his phone and calls) Yo Merlin! It’s Jack how are you? Oh that’s good. Hey man I got a favor for you. I’m sending Darkfan over to get some basic training is that okay? Oh no he’s been stripped of his powers and I plan on sending him back to Moviefan to prevent a new villain from exploiting Moviefan’s unstable dark magic. Okay cool you’ll get a room ready? Sweet! Thanks Merlin! (to Darkfan) Alright Let’s go! (opens corridor of Darkness and he and Darkfan leave)

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