I love Disney World! It’s one of my favorite places to go in the whole world! I haven’t been in a very long time, but managed to get there five or six times back in the 80’s and 90’s. Today I decided to share a little of my personal life, and talk about my more memorable experiences at The Magic Kingdom-the bad one’s.

Now don’t get me wrong, as I said I love Disney but it’s not fun to talk about the good things. Although the time we kept running into Minnie Mouse was sure cool (in the old days when the characters roamed freely). So here is a little glimpse of my past, here are my five worst experiences at Walt Disney World

The waffles…dear god, the waffles!

This one is my own fault, I admit that. The hotel/resort we stayed at one year had a breakfast buffet. If you didn’t like the buffet, the only alternative was a Mickey shaped waffle. Well, I am a fussy eater and was even worst as a kid. I didn’t want to eat the buffet. I had a waffle every day I think, and it’s no wonder I have no interest them today.

Leaving the camera bag at Mickey’s house

Sounds made up, but it happened. My father was a camera nut and this was in the old days when camera’s required equipment (video too). I was supposed to carry a bag, and we went to Mickey’s Toon Town and met Mickey at his house. Well, it was a lot of fun and we left the attraction. After a few seconds I realized, I wasn’t carrying anything! Fortuately the security at Disney is top notch and we went back and got the bag with little trouble. Unfortuantely it dampen an otherwise memorable experience.


This is a story my father always remembers. We all know the character breakfast. It’s a simple concept, you eat breakfast while Mickey and friends mingle around. Well, we were at one this one time when my sister was very young. Behind was a table of adults, and for some inexplicable reason Mickey would not leave this table alone! I am serious, he kept going back to them and staying for long periods–ignoring us at the next table (which included my very young sister)! I always figured that the actor who was playing Mickey knew the people at the table, and couldn’t resist going over to see them. Either that, or the guy was, well, not a very nice word. Honestly we should have complained about that one.


It took me years to live this one down, and it wasn’t even my fault! If you don’t know, the Carousel of Progress is one of the coolest attractions in Disney. It’s a stage show (with animatronics) which demonstrates the changes in the several decades to technology, etc.. The first is the 20’s, then the 40’s, and so on until we end with the present day. Well, I wanted to go on this and we did. Only to have a thunder storm suddenly strike! We weren’t evacauted, instead the ride was frozen in the same section. It wouldn’t change to the next one, and just kept repeating the same era over and over. When it did finally move everyone was sure happy! As I said, I never heard the end of that one it was a joke with my family for years. I still love that attraction, and miss the original song “Now is the Time”.


Yeah, this is kind of a long story. Talk about starting a marriage on a bad note (have I mentioned I’m divorced now?). Without going into a lot of detail (that you wouldn’t want to hear), here is the bottom line. I suffered from a kidney stone during my honeymoon. Right in the middle of The Magic Kingdom. The symptoms were there before the trip but the pain hit just as we were walking inside the park. Not wanting to ruin the day, I tried to press on Every try that with kidney stone pain? Long story short, the day ended in the hospital and we missed our dinner at Cinderella’s castle. Most of the trip after was cool, but that was still not the way I wanted to start out.

Most of these are silly little things that happen on vacations, and didn’t spoil the trip or anything (even the last one as hard as it tried). I still adore Disney World and am dying to go back. So much has changed since I was there, I may not recognize the place! Ah well, as long as Mickey is there somewhere It’ll be cool.

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