Did you know that many of the exterior shots used in sitcoms are real locations?

Very often these homes are on back lots, like the Golden Girls house which I did get to see years ago when I was at Disney (sadly, it no longer exists). This is something that’s always fascinated me. There is just something about knowing these houses are real places which makes these silly sitcoms somehow seem a little more realistic. You would think I would have done a tourof these kinds of sitcoms homes but that is one thing I sadly have not done.Someday!

Today I present an overview of some of the more notable sitcom exteriors. Regrettably I did not take any of these pics; going on a TV tour is something I have been dying to do for years!

The Golden Girls

Actually, before the back lot house was built the Golden Girls house was a real house which is still standing. It is located in Brentwood,California located at 245 N Saltair Ave. It was used for the first season andthe replica used from then on.


The Bull and Finch Pub is the one place I have seen, because I live near Boston. Sadly I have not been inside but have been told it isnothing like the bar on the show. If you want to see it the bar is right there next to The Public Gardens.

The Cosby Show

The house seen as the Huxtable residence is actually anapartment building in Grenwich Village. I really want to see this one!

The Brady Bunch

Probably the most famous example, this split level ranch sits quietly in the San Fernando Valley. It has changed a bit with a fence and new landscaping (and there was never a window on the second floor, the show added that).

Happy Days

The famous Cunningham residence isn’t in Milwaukee at all,but in Hollywood.


The house used as the Connors Landford, IL home is actually located in Evansville, IN

Designing Women

The house scene as Julia Sugarbaker’s is in reality a museumlocated at 1321 Scott Street in Little Rock, Arkansas. Just a few blocks awayfrom the Arkansas Governors mansion.


The governor’s mansion used in Benson is actually a mansionlocated in Pasadena. The house has been seen in other things such as theBeverly Hillbillies movie.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

This real home is located in Brentwood rather than Bel Air. Apparently it’s well protected since finding a pic of it was near impossible.


The building that Friends lives is located on the corner ofBedford and Grove

Mad About You

Paul and Jamie’s building is actually located on the cornerof 5th Avenue and 12th Street in Manhattan


I think everyone knows this one. Monk’s Cafe is actuallyTom’s Restaurant in corner of West 112th Street and Broadway in Manhattan. Thisis one place that does not mind the tourists. Seinfeld was very rooted in NewYork City, but the exterior for Jerry’s apartment was really in Los Angeles!

Full House

The house is located in San Francisco (sadly without the reddoor any longer). If you do find it, be careful the owners are not thrilledwith gawkers.

King of Queens

Located in New Jersey

Who’s The Boss?

The house seen on this show is actually located in Rye, NY not Connecticut

Family Matters

This is a real house located at 1516 W. Wrightwood Avenue inChicago, Illinois.

Lots more I could have mentioned, but I think I will stop here.

Maybe next time maybe I will discuss the famous backlothouses, including the Bewitched home which has been in tons of stuff! And Ihaven’t even mentioned movie locations yet.

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