There are some movies which transcend the medium and become a part of pop culture. They are remembered for years and have loyal fans.  But what about those other films, the ones which seem to fade away and get forgotten no matter how popular they were when they came out.


Here are five films which I loved that which were huge hits that seem to have faded away from collective memory (in no particular order).


#5. City Slickers


When people hear Billy Crystal they think Oscars, but everyone seems to have forgotten his huge hit from the early 90’s. Bill Crystal plays a man going through a mid-life crisis until his buddies take him on acattle drive. The film also stars Jack Palance who is the best thing in it.Yeah the film is corny by today’s standards but has genuine laughs and real heart.
#4.Three Men and a Baby


Give confirmed bachelors Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson a little baby to take care of. How could that go wrong? As it turned out it was great idea and a smash hit. Yeah some of the gags are corny but it’s the strength ofthe three guys that sells this premise. Leonard Nimoy directed and this film does have one legacy, that “ghost” urban myth which if you don’t know about is up there with the hanging munchkin  as a Hollywood urban legend.

#3.The Last Starfighter


Yeah this was a corny 80’s Star Wars knock off, but screw that this movie was awesome! A teenager is recruited by an alien defense forceto fight in an interstellar war because he played the video game like a pro. It has some great space battles and some very memorable characters. This movie was also Robert Preston’s final, and he really steals the show in it. This is sort of a video game movie in disguise and unlike crap like The Wizard is actually entertaining.
#2. Adventure in Babysitting


Don’t you love when a stupid idea turns into a smash hit? Elizabeth Shue’s first movie has her as a babysitter for two kids. Through acrazy series of events she ends up taking then on a wild adventure in Chicagoat night. They get involved with the mob and run into all sorts of trouble like gangs on the subway. Sure the movie is  beyond unrealtisic, but it’s a lot of fun and we really enjoy the characters. The end is great as they race to get home before the parents.
#1. What About Bob?


Everyone talks about Scrooged, Groundhog Day, and Bill Murray’s later stuff like Lost in Translation. What happened to this one? Basically the plot had Bill Murray playing a neurotic patient who pesters an uptight doctor played by Richard Dreyfuss. It’s a cute little comedy as we watch patient and doctor change placed by the end. While theoutcome may be predictable the journey is worth the ride.Bill Murray is just great in this being so annoying without irritating the viewing audience.
To be fair most of these have sequels or remakes indevelopment. City Slickers II was idiotic. Those were only five, there are lots more and maybe I will come back when I come up with some more.

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