A year or so ago I talked about five subjects I will never discuss because I hate them. Today I am going to go back on my word to discuss something I hate in more detail.

It’s hard to believe all we had for “reality” TV was “Real People” in the early 80’s, COPS in the late 80’s, and “The Real World” in the early 90’s. Then came the end of the 90’s, and a little show called Survivor changed everything! I admit I was caught up in Survivor’s first year, though I was late to the party (as usual), but it didn’t take long for me to lose interest (the show aired opposite Friends, which do you think I picked?). I was into The Apprentice for a few years and admit I watched America Idol and Fear Factor mostly thank to my wife.

The last few years I have abandoned reality TV despite its obvious staying power. Why? Here are five reasons why.

A few years ago I was interested in a show called Last Comic Standing which was a competition to find the next stand-up comic. That sounded like a neat idea. One thing, THE CONTESTANTS LIVED TOGETHER IN THE SAMEHOUSE! WHY??? I mean in Survivor, Big Brother and in a way The Apprentice this made sense, but does every show have to do this? A new one came out called “Kingof the Nerds” and guess what? THEY ALL LIVE TOGETHER! Why do they have to do this? Hell’s Kitchen, America’s Top Model, The Biggest Loser…obviously it’s to create drama in the show. Well I have enough drama in my own life thank you.

Honey Boo Boo? Really? When I was a kid we had to watch Jerry Springer or Gerlado to see the sort of people who appear in many of these shows.Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against them but do I need to see people like this? Where is the Entertainment? How about The Osbornes years ago which showed how dysfunctional Ozzie Osbourne’s family really was. Course it goes the other way to, why in the world do I want to watch “Keeping up with the Kardashians”or its 4 SPIN-OFF’S?? The reason people watch is the same reason they watched Springer, these people make us feel better about ourselves. Some really horrible people get their own show. Don’t believe me? Two names-Anna Nicole Smith and Kate Gosselin. Enough said.

Some of these reality shows really stretch to find new concepts. Some are just rehash. How is Project Runway different from America’sTop Model? The Voice from American Idol? (oh they use swivel chairs, it must be different!) How about the dozens of dating shows out there?  There are dozens of talent search shows for everything from singing to being a chef to even being anew superhero.  Then there are just plain stupid ideas. Crocodile Hunters? Really? How about Ice Road Truckers, that sounds boring (I saw it, it was dumb). My parents are fond of Pawn Stars which is a bit unique I admit.  But so much of these aren’t even ideas really. What would you call “Jersey Shore”? Besides stupid.  Then we had Steven Segal:Lawman.I don’t like his movies why do I want to watch watch him as a reserve deputy?

Surivior is in season 253 or something. Dancing with the Stars is coming back, again. And for some reason so is Celebrity Apprentice. I don’tget it, sitcoms and dramas get boring and stale after awhile why don’t theseshows? I made fun of the lame ideas but at least it’s an attempt at something new. How many times do we have to watch Big Brother before it gets dull? Even cool sounding shows like Ghost Hunters. After ten years isn’t that tired yet? One of the worst is American Idol which lost all charm when the original judges left. It was a powerhouse for a while, but I think its day is done. And can someone explain why The Amazing Race wins that Emmy every damn year?

Come up with a new name, it’s still the same formula.  These are all competitions and the contestants have to do something related to what the show is about. American Idol you sing, Biggest Loser is exercise related, Hell’s Kitchen it’s cooking related, The Bachelor is romantic related. Then the last ten minutes of the episode the contestant who did the worst is voted out, until we have a winner.OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!  Ok there is a documentary formula which isn’t a competition you just follow people around and watch them live their lives. YAWN!  I’m sorry but why do people watch these? People used to make fun of Family Ties because it stuck so close to formula, especially that final conversation which seemed to happen in the kitchen in every episode. WHY IS IT ACCEPTED NOW??And the judges are always the same to. One is serious and even mean, one is a cute girl, and the other is a guy or girl who is a little nuts. Boring.

Ok despite all my bellyaching there is really one simple reason I don’t watch these. I have no respect for them. Any of them. I grew up watching well crafted, scripted series done by professionals who were proud of the quality they were producing. Now we have untalented and even uneducated people filling the airways with nonsensical crap. Sorry, call me old orwhatever but I can’t get behind it. If you love it that’s cool. So I leave you with this question, are these shows good for TV?

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