Analytical Episode Guide:
Season 6, Part 4
Season 6, Episode 20
The One with the Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E.
Plot Summary-Joey lands a role on a new TV series but Chandler almost blows it when he fails to give him a message (yeah that’s about it)


Funniest Line-“Joey, if you get this, you’ll be the star of your own TV show. You’ll be like the big cheese. Or the Big Mac. Hey, you love those!”….Rachel


Nitpick of the episode-The way Chandler forgets to leave the message for Joey is a tad forced, this is only the second time we see the birds all season it’s no wonder they will disappear for good the next year.


Standout Character-Monica, she only gets one real scene but that is a classic Monica moment when she brings up her phone pad


Syndication Edit-Nothing really in this one


FinalThoughts-Yeah, another clip show. This is one of the weaker ones to. A few highlights:Chandler talking to the birds about having moved out, the scene with Chandler being consoled by Monica and Rachel, and the end when Chandler and Joey realize they hug a bit too much. All in all this is a filler episode andit really feels like it. The big problem with clip shows is that when we see clips from the early days it makes us miss the way the show was when it was fresh and new.



Season 7, Episode 21
The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth’s Dad
Plot Summary-Ross is concerned about meeting Elizabeth’s father, who Rachel hits it off very well with. Phoebe decides to write a book about Monica and Chandler, Joey might lose his new job.


Funniest Line-“Am I psyched? The lead in my own TV series! I’ve been dreaming of this for years! Why have I not been preparing!?”….Joey


Nitpick of the episode-Is it me or did they have Short Circuit in mind when they created C.H.E.E.S.E.? The robot is really lame what were the fake producers of that show thinking? Wait, did I just nitpick a phony show? I think I need a vacation.


Standout Character-Ross, watching him try and fail to impress Elizabeth’s dad is great


Syndication Edit-Phoebe starting her book


Final Thoughts-Bruce Willis guest stars in the next couple episodes as Elizabeth’sfather, and he is really good. Apparently he took this role after losing a bet with Matthew Perry while they were making that forgotten movie (what was it called?). Joey dealing with his new job isn’t bad, and I would have made fun of that robot also. Phoebe’s story is flat out boring, and that whole thing about that she has written books that no one else is read reminds me of that crap about the roommate named Denise from earlier in the season. Rachel and Paul’s chemistry works real well and the whole first scene with him is just great.


Grade=B, and if not for Bruce Willis it would have been much lower
Season 7, Episode 22
The One Where Paul is the Man
Plot Summary-Monica puts her name on a wedding list with a two year wait, Paul threatens Ross if he doesn’t stop seeing his daughter


Funniest Line-“Oh, a man with a plan!”…..Ross


Nitpick of the episode-Why didn’t Elizabeth check with her father before going up to the cabin with Ross? I realize there relationship was a secret but she could have found a way to check with him. And how did Paul not immediately assume Ross was there when Elizabeth stormed in?


Standout Character-Chandler, for that final scene when we find out he was in fact ready to marry Monica


Syndication Edit-Joey and Phoebe walking to the dry cleaners


Final Thoughts-Is this Friends or Frasier? This episode seems confused since the Rachel/Ross stuff could easily be an episode of Frasier. When I first saw this I thought the bit was funny and well done, but now looking at it again I realize it’s a tad contrived. The part that is funny is Paul’s antics in front of the mirror. We get a glimpse of the real person Paul is, and Bruce Willis is just great here. The big story in this episode is the Monica/Chandler one,which at first seems like a typical “Chandler is freaked out” kind of story. But then they throw us a curve at the end when we find out Chandler was just playing Monica and has decided he is ready to propose. What a great moment!  But the funniest scene is has to be the tag, where Joey tells to Gunther he quit his job at Central Perk weeks ago. Nice of the show to point out how it just up and abandoned that particular story line!


Season 6, Episode 23
The One with the Ring
Plot Summary-Chandler and Phoebe shop for a ring for Monica, Rachel regrets asking Paul to share his feelings, Ross and Joey think that Chandler is mad at them


Funniest Line-“From now on it’s going to be Joey and Ross, best friends! We’re gonna bethe new Joey and Chandler!”….Joey


Nitpick of the episode-Paul turning into a weepy baby was a stretch, but more on that in a second


Standout Character-Phoebe and Chandler who literally save this one


Syndication Edit-The tag with Ross talking to Phoebe and Rachel about the ring


Final Thoughts-Yep, it has happened once again. A relationship ends because the other person is crazy. In this case, it turns out that Paul has so much baggage that it makes him a weepy baby. To be fair, Bruce Willis is great in the episode including that scene with Matthew Perry. But really, how many times does this show have to drastically change a character to create a reason for them to break up? I mean Emily became a mean witch, Kathy became a cheating slut, Gary shot a bird, Janine became a snob….it’s old now!  Can’t we have a reason for ending relationships besides the fact the other person is insane? Ok now that the rant is over I can say that the other main story of the episode about Chandler and Phoebe is sort of filler, but a very funny kind of filler. I wish they had paired off Chandler and Phoebe more often because they work so well together.The Joey/Ross stuff seems out of place, and where the heck is Monica in this episode? She only appears in one brief scene!


Season 6, Episode 24
The One with the Proposal
Plot Summary-Chandler’s plan to propose is wrecked when Richard appears, Joey buys a boat by accident, Ross decides to break up with Elizabeth


Funniest Line-“I was making a coconut phone with the professor.”….Chandler, who may not have had the best lines this season but nailed this one, it’s one of his best


Nitpick of the episode-Ross is absent from the end because David Schwimmer filmed his scenes early and then left to film a movie. By the way, Chandler really shouldn’t have worried so much about Monica discovering his plan to propose.And the plan to “throw her off” was not well thought out. I would imagine even if she knew it would still be a beautiful moment….and it was.


Standout Character-Chandler and Monica; do I need to explain why?


Syndication Edit-Lots of scene extensions


Final Thoughts-Perfect episode? No, but it’s a really good one. Ok the whole auction thing was a time waster, and I am glad they at least did something with Joey winning a boat. Ross’s story is weak, but from what I read that was supposed to go a very different direction but the idea was scraped. And since the actor was not there I will understand. The scene where he breaks up with Elizabeth was short, and sweet, which was enough.  And finally, a realistic break up that makes sense! Let’s talk about what really drives this episode, the return of Richard. The scenes were handled beautifully. It was great to get some resolution on the whole Monica/Richard stuff while at the same moving the Monica/Chandler stuff forward. That really was something that had to be explored and it was done nicely. As for the proposal scene, what can I say? I have seen a lot of proposals on a lot of TV shows (and did one myself in real life), and that was one of the strongest of them all. Go ahead, watch and not cry. I dare you!


Grade=A-,lots of filler can’t spoil this one!
So season six ended on a high note, but the quality had definitely gone down overall. What would the next season bring? Come back next week and find out.

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