Analytical Episode Guide:
Season 7, Part 1
Season 7, Episode 1
The One with Monica’s Thunder
Plot Summary-Monica wants to celebrate her engagement but a sudden reunion of Ross & Rachel sidetracks her, Joey thinks he can pass for 19 while Phoebe tries to get Monica to let her sing at the wedding


Funniest Line-“I’m sorry, uh apparently I’ve opened the door to the past.”….Monica


Nitpickof the episode-This is a tough one to judge because you can sympathize with Monica but at the same time you can say that she ruined her own night. She is the one who made a big deal about Ross and Rachel.  Oh, and isn’t it funny after all that drama with Phoebe that she never sang a word at the actual wedding?


Standout Character-Rachel, I feel for her it must be hard seeing Monica engaged when she was so close to being married only to end up not. It also makes her story from the previous episode more than just pointless filler.


Syndication Edit-Longer opening, Rachel telling Joey to dress the age he wants to play,Phoebe’s first song


Final Thoughts-This is a bottle show, so you can imagine that I really enjoyed it.  Monica and Chandler are funny, Phoebe and Joey are funny, Ross and Rachel are funny. This is really a strict character piece,and that make sense because Monica and Chandler getting engaged does change things. No longer will they be six single friends hanging out, and that makes adifference! Ross gets the funniest line at the end about his hands, and I amnot about to describe it here. If you have never seen the episode check it out. Great start to the season! Would it last?


Grade=A-,strong episode but would the season stay strong?

Season 7, Episode 2
The One with the Book
Plot Summary-Phoebe movies in with Ross to give Monica and Chandler some space, Joey discovers Rachel’s curious reading interest, Monica discovers her parents have no money for the wedding


Funniest Line-“Wow! Money and a firm hand. Finally, a Chandler I can get on board with!”….Phoebe


Nitpick of the episode-There’s a scene early on where Phoebe interrupts Ross’s lecturefor nothing really. At least nothing that couldn’t wait. The scene feels forced and contrived, why would Phoebe do something like that?


Standout Character-Chandler, nice to see him standing up for himself and then give in to make Monica happy


Syndication Edit-longer teaser, the scene where Phoebe yells at Ross is longer and the tagwhere she massages him


Final Thoughts-I gave the last episode a break, but now it’s time to be honest.Season seven is not that good, in fact it may be the worst of the series. Wewill take more about that of course but take this episode as an example. Ross massaging an old guy? Ok that’s weird (and forced). Monica’s parents have no money, why was this necessary? Rachel likes to read dirty books, didn’t we establish that all the way back in season one? This episode isn’t the worst of the lot, but it’s a slow ride down from here.



Season 7, Episode 3
The One with Phoebe’s Cookies
Plot Summary-Monica wants to know Pheobe’s grandmother’s cookie recipe, Rachel tries to teach Joey how to use his boat, Chandler tries to bond with Monica’s father


Funniest Line-“Oh God Joey, oh I’m my father. Oh my God, this is horrible! I’ve been trying so hard not to be my mother I did not see this coming.”….Rachel


Nitpickof the episode-Why Monica cares so much about being the mom who makes the perfect Chocolate Chip cookies is beyond me. And would someone please explainto me why they decided Chandler should wear glasses this season???


Standout Character-Rachel; it’s always hard to not turn into our parents


SyndicationEdit-Scene Extensions


Final Thoughts-I liked the boat story. It is nice the creators tried to use the factJoey got a boat at the end of the last year. And I think everyone is afraid of turning into their parents and that is what Rachel deals with when she realize she is acting like her father. This is actually a good story. Rachel and  Joey also have great chemistry, which is why Joey falling in love with her next year works. As for the rest….well the cookie story is boring. The Nestle TollHouse joke DOES NOT WORK. And as for what Chandler does to Monica’s father…to much ick factor to be funny, and it really goes nowhere.



Season 7, Episode 4
The One with Rachel’s Assistant
Plot Summary-Rachel has a crush on her new assistant; Joey is upset when his new show is abruptly canceled, Ross, Monica, and Chandler engage in a battle of secret sharing


Funniest Line-“That was one of the worst things ever. And not just on TV”….Chandler


Nitpick of the episode-I am on Joey’s side with the whole auditioning thing. They called him and the part is Drake Ramoray’s twin brother. It really does sound like they were going to just flat out offer him the part. Of course that doesn’t mean he had to be a jerk about it.


Standout Character-Joey, you gotta feel bad for the guy. At least his job at Day of our Lives sticks this time


Syndication Edit-A cute moment where someone sits near Chandler and he shoos them away


Final Thoughts-Gee, what a shock. A big new job that Joey was excited about because it was going to launch his career is abruptly cancelled. That’s never happened before. To be fair they did establish how bad the show is, but man can Joey ever get a break? We begin the Tag arc, where Rachel has a crush on her assistant which is really rehash of the whole Joshua stuff from season 4. And I admit, the little secret sharing contest or whatever between Ross, Chandler,and Monica was pretty funny. Stuff like that works so much better when we know the characters well, and I think after seven years we do.


Grade=B+,some real laughs lift this one up

Season 7, Episode 5
The One with the Engagement Picture
Plot Summary-Chandler works on his inability to smile for photographs, Rachel asks Joey to take Tag out on the town, Phoebe and Ross date a couple in the middle of a divorce


Funniest Line-“I like this one, it seems to say I love you and that’s why I have to kill you”….Ross


Nitpick of the episode-Chandler can’t smile for cameras? Why do the creators keep trying to makeup stupid new character traits for these guys? Last episode we found out Ross slept with a cleaning lady in college even though it was more than established Carol was his first, and this episode has this slap in the face to Chandler. It doesn’t even make sense! Next will be Phoebe’s turn to be dumbed down in a few episodes!


Standout Character-Ross & Phoebe are funny as they argue like the divorcing couple they are dating


Syndication Edit-Rachel gets caught sneaking around Tag’s desk


Final Thoughts-This episode is good, well parts of it anyway. As silly as it is, the whole Ross/Phoebe story is done well. I do love how they carry on the fight for the couple who are divorcing. I really can’t get into the Rachel hasa crush stuff because it’s been done before, as I already mentioned. As for theMonica/Chandler stuff…….I got nothing. Stupid.

Season 7, Episode 6
The One with the Nap Partners
Plot Summary-Ross and Joey end up in an odd position, Rachel and Phoebe compete to be Monica’s maid of honor, and Chandler apologizes to an ex-girlfriend


Funniest Line-“Okay, I will do it. But I have to warn you – this may make me a better person and that is not the man youfell in love with!”….Chandler


Nitpick of the episode-Wow life is funny. What are the odds an ex-girlfriend of Chandler’s would happen to be sitting near Monica and just happen to overhear her say his name? And when Monica tells him later Chandler takes a second to find her picture, and they manage to figure out where she lives somehow! Yeah that story is good but we have to accept a lot.


Standout Character-Monica, for once her concern is understandable and I love how she asks Chandler that question even though you can see she is afraid of the possible answer


Syndication Edit-The “audition” was longer


Final Thoughts-This episode appears weak but it actually has enough good to make it a solid episode. For instance the whole thing with Phoebe and Rachel competing to be Monica’s maid of honor is silly. But that last scene where we see how much it means to Rachel really works. Chandler’s apology to an ex-girlfriend is pointless, but it leads into a serious conversation between him and Monica about whether or not he will still be attracted to her if she gains weight. And the story with Joey and Ross is kind of weird, but that tag where the other four catch them napping is one of the funniest moments of the entire season.



Be back tomorrow to continue season 7, and I promise I will have lots more to say. :)


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