Before I begin I want to mention that this is a second article on movies I love that don’t get much attention. The first article was originally called “Five Forgotten Movies I Just Love”, but the word forgotten was poorly used in that instance, all the movies I listed were remembered by many Besides Les is using that word in his new series and I want to avoid a copyright suit.:)


Now that I have bored you, let’s talk about five more movies I love which do not get enough attentionin my opinion.
#5. Soapdish


If you’ve never heard of this, log onto Netflix and check it out! This is a little comedy which really is pretty funny. It’s basically aparody of soap operas, and has a fantastic all-star cast. Sally Field, Whoopi Goldberg, Kevin Kline, Elizabeth Shue…and that’s just for a warm up. Why this movie never appears in lists of people’s favorite comedies is beyond me. It’s a very broad comedy and to be honest the story makes no sense, but the laughs are what make this movie so awesome! I would give a plot synopsis, but I would need to do an entire review of it and don’t have the room in this format. Awesome movie!

#4. Regarding Henry


This movie has no action. It has no mystery. It has no adventure. It has no real suspense or comedy. So what makes me love this film more than Harrison’s Ford’s famous films like Air Force One? This has a really, really beautiful story. Harrison Ford plays a jerk lawyer who one day gets shot in the head. He loses his memory and basically has to relearn everything. What happens is that he becomes a softer, gentle person who knows how to enjoy life. This is just a great story and a strong character piece, with good performances from Ford and Annette Benning. It’s hard to believe JJ Abrams of all people wrotethis. Yeah it’s kind of slow but the story is just so well done, even adding a few subitle twists here and there.  This movie was not critically acclaimed and I can see why, it’s not the most original story ever and does drag, but I still enjoy it.
#3.Defending Your Life


I am not a huge fan of either Albert Brooks or Meryl Streep,but this movie is the exception. I hadn’t heard of this film until my roommate in college suggested it, and I loved it. The story is that a guy played by Albert Brooks gets killed, and ends up in the afterlife. But in this afterlife he has to defend his life before a court who will decide if he should return to Earth or move on. Ok, the description sounds kind of dry but I swear this movie is really good. The real drive is the romantic relationship between Brooks andStreep, who play off each other very well. This movie has lots of gags and jokes,but there is a real serious overtone in this one. It has a strong moral to it,and I like the way it plays the afterlife so straight you would almost thinkthis is in fact what will happen when you die! The basic concept is not new but the way it is handled is, and done very well. Just a nice little romantic comedy with a bit more going for it.
#2.Father of the Bride


I absolutely loved this movie. It’s not one of Steve Martin’s best remembered for most, but for me it sure is. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a movie about a father dealing with the fact that his baby girl is grown up and getting married. The premise and the fact that this was a remake of a Spencer Tracy movie should hurt the film. However the performances carry itthrough, especially Steve Martin who is funny but also very sentimental. People forget what a good actor he can be. Martin Short also stars in one of his less annoying roles. In its core the movie is about two things, family and letting go. How can one not relate to that? It’s a sweet story which makes you laugh and tugs at your heart at the same time.
Ummm, not sure why every one of these movies came out in1991. Was that big year for movies or something? Ok for my last one let’s talkabout a cheesy 80’s comedy which I bet many of you never heard about.


#1. Big Business


I really don’t know why I liked this one. The story is silly,the situation contrived, and the payoff kind of weak. I think it comes down to the leading ladies. Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin play a set of twins who get mixed up at birth, and lead very different lives. It’s hard to explain but the two twins end up at the same hotel at the same time (and have the same names)…and hijinks ensue! This is a farce much like Soapdish was but the difference is that this movies tries hard to have a real plot involving a business takeover of a small rural company. The plot is actually even more relatable today. The jokes are broad and, to be honest, kind politically incorrect including gay innuendo and stereotypical country rednecks. But what makes it a joy to watch are the two leads who really put their all into this one and the effort shows. Worth a watch for a good laugh anyway.


That’s it, five more movies which seem to be overshadowedand never talked about that I happen to love. Maybe I can come up with fivemore and come back another time.

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