I love how the internet gives people a voice. You have every right to your opinion and I will always support that. But at the same time very often people will say things, for example critquing a show or movie, they insist are clever when really they are blowing smoke. There is a difference between expressing and opinion and spouting incorrect information in an attempt to shopw off. Here are five example of what I mean that I have seen all over the internet .
Sometimes people really get carried away. I was looking at one site talking about the mistakes on Friends (and yes there are plenty) but among the mistakes they would comment on how a character would reference an actor or actress who would later appear on the show. Um, how is this a mistake? Talk about active imaginations, for instance Susan Sarandon got a mention in one episode and many shows later appeared as a character. CAN’T WE JUST SAY THE CHARACTER LOOKS LIKE SUSAN SARADON? Geez people, it’s a sitcom! Another one noted why Chandler and Joey didn’t recognize Bruce Willis when he appeared on the show since the two are huge Die Hard fans…people, please!
I have seen this a few times. There is a scene in Star Wars A New Hope where Obi Wan gives Luke the lightsaber that once belonged to his father. Before he does C3PO powers down. When Luke activates the lightsaber, there is a jump cut which many people believe shows C3PO reacting to the lightsaber. Supposedly you can see his head move. Sorry guys that was just a jump cut, there is no way the actor could see the actual lightsaber turn on since it had been undoubteldy added later, so why would he react to it?
I see so many people posting this as if it were a film flub. That the scarecrow has no brain and yet he comes up with the ideas. THAT’S THE POINT!  It’s not a mistake it’s brilliant writing! In the movie we also see the Lion find the courage to enter the castle and rescue Dorothy and the Tin Man clearly worried about her.
This is kind of a personal one because I tried to correcrt the person and never got a reply. There is an episode where Tim Taylor says “Tim, Al, and Heidi” and someone thought they had heard Tim say his real name, Tim Allen. Yeah if you say that fast it can sound that way…but it’s not a mistake!
If any of you guys have Facebook I am sure you have seen this. Someone takes an image of Marty McFly, and  the caption reads TODAY IS THE DAY HE CAME BACK FROM THE FUTURE. Then the date is photoshopped on the console from the movie. This pisses me off because it’s wrong!! I realize not everyone has seen the movie as muuch as I have, but if you’ve seen it once you should show know that they went 30 years after 1985. That would be 2015! October 21st, to be precise. It just annoys me when people post this and think it’s so cool, it’s not correct! I have seen these pop up many times and will be so happy when the date does get here so these photoshopped things can finall disappear.
As annoying as these are I do love that people can comment and express their opinion, and I hope that never stops!

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