First of all, I am not ripping Les off I know he did something very similar to this the other day. I have been really worried about the new movie, for four reasons:


1. I hated Superman Returns. It was one of the worst movies ever, and such a massive disapointment.


2. Chris Nolan. I am not saying I hate his work but Superman is not The Dark Knight. You can’t treat Superman like Batman.Superman is positive and fun, not dark and mopy.


3. The trailer. The trailer seemed to make my worst fears come true. That the movie would be a downer, with a brooding Superman.


4. The reviews. Many of the review have been bad, And I do read the reviews, spoilers and all, and from what I have read…..I may not like this. I wont put spoilers here but I have heard things about this movie I did not like. The fight scene at the end sounds long. I mean, Avengers could do that because there were seven heroes. Just Superman and Zod pounting at each other for a half hour sounds boring.


Why do all heroes have to be brooding these day?? I mean, The Avengers was tons of fun and Iron Man 3 was also good. It’s still going to be a week or two before I get the chance to see this, but honestly I may not bother,. I remember when Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls came out and I wanted to see it. I ended up watching it on DVD and was happy I waited. I was hoping this would be a great Superman movie, but maybe I will accept that it isn’t before I see it. On the other hand, I didn’t want to see Into Darkness and that turned out OK.


So, now I ask for your opinion. Should I see it, or are my fears justifed and I should just pop in my DVD’s of Lois & Clark? If/when I do see it I will share my thought and let you know if I was wrong, or sadly right on the money.

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