I, and many others, have done lots of articles on the main cast of Star Trek and all the related shows. But what about the secondary characters, those villains or random officers that show up for one episode and then are gone? Sometimes they are so well done and memorable that they become as popular as the main characters. And other times they are so annoying, so face palmingly stupid you can’t believe it.


These are five characters who appear in just a single episode (or movie) of Star Trek that just drive me nuts!
#5.Kivas Fajo (The Most Toys-TNG)
I absolutely love this episode, it’s one of the best Data shows that the series ever produced. But that being said, you gotta admit that this guy is a bit of a dumbass. If you don’t know this is the episode where Data’S death is faked in a shuttle accident so that Fajo can add Data to his collection. He is a collector of “rare and valuable” things with pretty much no regard for things like laws, ethics, or even life as we find out. This guy kidnaps Data, and actually expects Data to just happily comply with his captivity? I mean I assume Fajo did his research and figured out that Data was a sentient android with free will. Did he really think Data would be flattered to spend his days sitting in a chair for Fajo’s amusement? Then of course there is the deception of the shuttle explosion. This episode spans about two days, that’s about all it takes for the Enterprise crew to figure the disaster that started the episode was staged, and that more than likely Fajo is behind it. I guess he got away with so much theft over the years he grew complacent. The best part is the end, when he says to Data that he will have him back in his collection one day. Data points out that the collection has been confiscated, and Fajo looks stunned! He really thought he was in a class all his own, didn’t he?

#4.Captain John Harriman (Star Trek-Generations)
Dumb Star Trek characters are not limited to the series, sad to say. Now to be fair, what happens in the beginning of this movie isn’t all Harriman’s fault. After all, Starfleet is stupid enough to send a ship which wasn’t equipped for a rescue mission on a rescue mission. But, what is up with the captain of this vessel? I mean, all the Enterprise captain’s were wise and intelligent (even Enterprise C’s Rachel Garrett who kicked ass) but this guy is like a geeky fan boy. He drools over Kirk, and then acts all nervous when the distress call comes in as if he has never had any command experience before. I mean, how did he become captain anyway? Then his solutions for how to deal with the crisis are laughable, I love Kirk watching this guy’s ineptitude. It’s no surprise that Kirk is ready to leap into action when Harriman finally asks, and it’s also no surprise Kirk is the one who goes to make the repair to the vessel so they can escape the Nexus. I realize Kirk is supposed to be super cool but Why do the movies act like Kirk is the only competent commander in Starfleet? At least in Wrath of Khan the inexperience of the crew is explained. They were trainees, ok I can live with that. What’s this guys excuse?
#3.Commodore Stocker (The Deadly Years-TOS)


This one falls under the category of an idiot with the best of intentions. He basically makes Harriman look good! This is the episode where an aging disease hits Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Scotty (see what happens when you bring all the commanding officers with you to the planet!) and they start to age. During a long trial scene meant to pad the episode out, Kirk is relieved because he is getting to old to function. I make fun but Kirk is really good in this episode. The point is that on the ship is Commodore Stocker, who is a desk jockey. He has the rank but has never commanded anything, ever! So of course when Kirk is relieved, he takes command! What could go wrong with that? Oh nothing, he just sends the Enterprise into the Neutral Zone violating it and instantly getting into comflict with Romulans who want to blow the Enterprise into pieces. Then he panics and just sits there like a deer in the headlights going “what do I do?” Hey dumbass, give command to someone else! Sulu is right there, he has commanded before and even has battle experience! Just step down! What was this guy thinking? I love when he tries to get Uhura to hail the Romulans, why would the Romulans want to talk, the Enterprise just charged across the border illegally they don’t need to talk about it. Fortunately the Enterprise has their Adamantium shields that day and manage to take several hits without any trouble (even though one blast from the same vessels sent the ship reeling a year earlier) until Kirk takes the antitode and charges onto the Bridge as the big hero.So I guess Generations was the SECOND time Kirk had to save the day when another commander turned into a dumbass.
#2.Ambassador Hodin (Mark of Gideon-TOS)
This guy is just an idiot! Now it is kind of implied that the people of Gideon are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, but this guys plan is just so flawed! This is the episode where Kirk appears on a duplicate of the Enterprise, located on a world which is beyond over populated because the citizens are so healthy they almost never die. Long story short, Hodin’s daughter decieves Kirk in an attempt to make him so capitvated by her that he will willingly stay with her. The reason is so that his blood will infect the masses and make them sick and die to kill some of the people off. Ok, first of all…making Kirk think his crew has disappeared is idiotic! His crew is all Kirk is going to care about! Not the pretty girl of the week! I mean, did Hodin really think Kirk was such a ladies man he would stop caring about his crew to be with this one girl? Two, even after the deception is revealed Hodin still hopes Kirk will change his mind. Yeah, I would stay on a planet adfter being lied to. Third, Hodin tells Spock they have searched for Kirk and assures them he is not on the planet…AND HE EXPECTS THEM TO ACCEPT THAT AND LEAVE! What? McCoy says it himself that they can’t leave until they are 100% sure. Fourth, the plan is flat out dangerous. The Gideons have no defense against this virus, and yes they try to state that the virus is only transmitted by blood but they don’t know what effect this will have once it gets into the population. Also their medical experitse on the planet is not very good at all. So rather than just thinning out the population you could be eradicating it! I always wanted to see a follow up where the Enterprise went back and found a dead planet. Hodin says at one point they are desperate. No kidding. There has to be a better way. Hodin shoots down Kirk’s ideas including contraception, they can kill life but they don’t want to prevent it…sure. How about euthanasia? That is a radical idea but better than killing the healthy people with a horrible virus. How about relocation? Why not find a nice planet and send some of the population there? The Gideons must have some sort of space capability or Starfleet would not be dealing with them!
#1. Chief Engineer Sarah MacDougal (The Naked Now-TNG)
Who? I am sure that is what most people are saying except for the real hard core fans out there. The Naked Now was the second episode of the series, meant as an homage to the classic episode The Naked Time but done to early in the series run for it to work. During the first season there was sort of a revovling door of engineers, and MacDougal was the chief in this episode. And only this episode. Why? Can’t say for sure but this is what she does in this episode. First when Picard pages her she does not achnowledge it, just walks away from her station and heads down to see him. See, it was really Wesley tricking her to leaving her post. She falls for it like a dumbass. Wesley then takes over Engineering, keeping her out with a force fireld. Of course no one thinks of beaming to the other side. But the real reason she is on this list comes at the end of the episode. Again, long story short but the Enterprise is at risk of being smashed with an asteroid, and Wesley suggests changing the tractor beam into a repulsoR beam, pushing a ship they were towing into the asteroid’s path and buying them a few minutes. Does she agree to try since their lives are at stake? No, she rolls her eyes and insists that something like that would take weeks of laying out new circuits. WHAT?? Really??? ON THE 24TH CENTURY, STATE OF THE ART FLAGSHIP OF THE FEDERATION?? In TOS, Sulu did that exact same thing in one episode all by himself punching a few buttons on a BRIDGE station and YOU CAN’T DO IT NOW??? So Wesley, who is also under the effects of the virus by the way, has to figure out how to do it and saves the day. This episode is a perfect example of the reason fans hated Wesley, the way he would make the other crewmembers look so dumb. I love to imagine Picard calling her into his ready room, and having a little chat with her. “Um, so when the ship is about to be destroyed your solution is to stand there and argue with a teenager, who went ahead and did your job, saving the day? Hope you enjoy your next posting!”
Sure there are more, if I missed an even bigger stupid character let me know. On Monday, I have a very special Star Trek review coming!

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