Well, I can’t like every game show out there. First of all, hate is a strong word. These are really five game shows that I either never liked and/or watched unless I had to. There is nothing wrong with these games and if you enjoy them, then fantastic. I just did not.


So let’s get started:
#5. Romance Game Shows
I had to lump these into a category or they would have been the whole list. As much as I loved game shows, I never got why these dating shows are supposed to be entertaining. Newlywed Game is bascially Bob Eubanks laughing as he makes newlywed couples get into arguments. And was it my imagination or did they did find the dumbest people on the planet for that show? The Dating Game has three guys (or girls) sweating it out while they wait to see which will have the honor of going on a date with someone they’ve never met. And then there’s Love Connection which is like The Dating Game except not only is the date set up, but we get to have the couple back so we can hear the embarassing details about how awful the date was. I admit Chuck Woolery was a fine host for that show, but really why do I need to know about this couple’s date? Back in college I was forced to watch it or the news (I had no cable) and I just never saw the appeal. I know these shows are popular, they have been on for ages and parodied to death, but I have no love for them.

#4.The Match Game
Another type that didn’t work for me often was celebrity panels. It isn’t fun watching celebrities have all the fun, except for occasional special events on game shows which ordinarily never have celebrities. Family Feud’s celebrities episodes were great, as were Millionaire’s. But when it’s every episode it gets boring, especially when the celebrities they get are barely B list. It’s why I never loved Pyramid, Password, or even Hollywood Squares. But without a doubt the worst was The Match Game! I just never got this game. I don’t mean the rules of how to play, that is pretty straight forward. I never got why this game was loved by so many. The pacing is slow, The celebrities act like they barely care and Gene Rayburn was kind of creepy to me. I know, I am being way to hard on this show after all this was a major hit in the 70’s, making stars out of panelists Brett Summers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Richard Dawson, and Betty White. I respect that, but it was never my thing. Celebrity panels get boring, take a Bert Convey show called 3rd Degree where four celebrities had to guess a secret the contestant had. If they didn’t, the contestant won. Yawn. I respect The Match Game but never liked it.
#3.Name that Tune
Not real complicated, I am not a music lover so this game never really appealed to me. And that’s about it really. If you don’t know this game show hosted by Jim Lange was where two contestants put their knowledge of music to the test. It wasn’t bad, but never interested me. Simple as that.
#2. Let’s Make a Deal
I HATED THIS GAME! Does it even count as a game show really? A contestant stands there in a silly costume and has to decide if he will take Monty Hall’s cash or the prize offered on the stage. That’s it!!!  I mean, where is the fun in that? It’s like The Price is Right if you took away the games and just did the one bid qualifying game for an entire halfhour. And the contestants always got on my nevres. Why the costumes? Why???? Sorry but I am watching a game show I expect there to be some kind of game in there somewhere! Now before someone starts commenting, yes I know that games of chance were involved in this. But the games just didn’t have the excitement that The Price is Right had, and this show just NEVER made me interested enough to really watch. I will give it credit for one thing, the suspense of wondering what was behind the three door’s was very good.  I’ll take what’s behind door #3! I admit it, that was clever. Then the final round was always a rehash of Price is Right’s Showcase Showdown. The game has very loyal fans, but I am not one of them.


What???? That is what everyone is certainly thinking. I mean, aside from maybe The Price is Right this is the grand daddy of game shows. Everyone has seen it, everyone is familiar with it, and everyone loves it. I mean the “thinking music” is practically iconic! Well, I don’t like it. It came on syndication in 1984, created by Merv Griffin, and it is still on nearly thirty years later.  I respect that but I don’t watch.  If I am watching it it’s because someone else wants to. I just don’t like it. Why? Well it could be because it makes me feel like an idiot watching, not knowing half the questions. It could also be because the format is kind of simple. I mean, give the answer in the form  of a question. That’s about it! But the real reason I hate this show is that it is just so boring! I mean, it is literally just people standing there answering questions. Yawn! At least on Millionaire Regis talked to the people and we got to know them. We don’t know the people on Jeopardy, and I don’t count that lame interview segment. And besides that they are usually smart people who have zero personality. I just don’t care about the contestants and for me that is rule #1 for liking a game show. One of the things I loved about Family Feud and Price is Right is how excited the people got. I was genuinely happy when they won, and sad when they suddenly lost. On this show,  the people manage a smile if they win and I just don’t care. I will admit, Alex Trebek is a fantastic host for that show no question.
Well, those are five game shows I don’t like. Tomorrow, we continue game show week with some shows I very much did like!

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