Hey guys. The Revenge of Darkfan21 is now over. This here was the first ending for the story arc. Both were great but the one, we went with, I feel had more involvement from the team as this was very much a group effort. Yeah, it was my idea but it took the three of us to get it done. Anyways as I was saying, this is just a bonus like how DVD’s might include an alternate ending for a movie, I’m giving you guys in text form, the alternate ending to The Revenge of Darkfan21. Enjoy.


Moviefan12: DARKFAN!, get out here now and face me. We’ve survived all of your stupid tests. You have thrown a lot of crap our way but that ends today.

Darkfan21: Ah, you did very well. I’m rather impressed that the three of you made it through my tests. So now what, Moviefan? Are you going to just leave and be on your way, like the goody two shoe hero that you are. You said it yourself, your a lame hero.

Moviefan12: No, I’m not scared of you. Any fear I had of you had to go away because today I’ve decided that once and for all to get rid of you.

Darkfan21: What are you going to do? You are too weak to try and carry anything out that would cause serious damage.

Moviefan12: That’s where your wrong. I fight using emotions and today, I am full of hatred. For years, I’ve wanted you gone. You are the pest that’ll never leave. Y’know it’s funny but at one point, I thought I could set you on the path to redemption but now I see that won’t happen. *flames emerge in Moviefan’s eyes* Now I won’t kill you using any of my weapons. Because my weapons are not set for that but I do know enough about magic. To the point that I know if your angry and you have magic, you can access Dark Magic. And that is what I’ll be using against you.

Darkfan21: Foolish child, you plan to take out a master of Dark Magic using Dark Magic.

Moviefan12: That’s the plan, idiot!

Darkfan21: *spits up blood* So, what now? *coughs*

Moviefan12: My God, Can you shut the Hell up for one moment? *emits a beam of Dark Magic at Darkfan*

Darkfan21: You don’t have it in you, do you?

*Moviefan12 charges towards Darkfan and tosses a huge beam of Dark Magic that causes Darkfan to crash into a wall, with a broken nose and blood dripping from his mouth*.

Moviefan12: *Standing over Darkfan21* In the time I’ve known you, you have plotted, controlled, and attempted to devastate.

Darkfan21: As is my purpose.

Moviefan12: And now, it’s time for you to die. *steps forward*

Darkfan21: Oh really? That’s interesting, here’s me thinking you didn’t have the guts, do you? Yes, you do, get on with it than.

Moviefan12: In killing you, I will die as well, thus granting you solace in your end, you should be happy, it looks like you’ve won.

Darkfan21: Maybe so, maybe so, but than again, death is a rather bleak thing isn’t it? I guess it’s time to accept things as they are.

Moviefan12: Take time to pray, or whatever you would do, it’s time for you to die (emits one last beam of Dark Magic in the hopes of finally killing Darkfan21)

Fusionater: What the hell are you both talking about?

*Fusionater is walking in from a hallway*

Moviefan12: Fusionater! I’m about to take care of things, I wish you weren’t here to see this…

Fusionater: *Now in front of Moviefan12* Moviefan12…


* Moviefan12 is knocked against a wall*

Moviefan12: What the…


Moviefan12: He needs to die!!!

Fusionater: He does, does he? At what cost? Is it worth the pain that I and all your friends will feel when your gone? Is it worth those endless hours of sorrow we would inevitably be plagued with!?!?

Moviefan12: He’s done so much evil…

Fusionater: HE HAS! But that’s no excuse, now, because of how foolish you’re being, I have to take care of this.

Moviefan12: I can’t let you do that. *stands to fight*

Fusionater: You’re really gonna make me do this aren’t you? *pulls out gun*

Moviefan12: Fusionater… *Fusionater fires, and a net comes charging from the gun, binding Moviefan12 to the wall*

Fusionater: Now than, onto you.

Darkfan21: Though I’d love to see you kill me, I’m afraid I can’t let you do that*Hits concealed button on the wall he is against*


*A rigged shotgun is fired, hitting Fusionater in the leg*

Fusionater: OW! Dammit…*continues walking*

Darkfan21: Right that…That’s all I’ve got *Fusionater stops over him*

Fusionater: You said you couldn’t allow me to kill you, to kill you would be flawed logic, as it would kill Moviefan thus losing the point of preventing him from doing it himself, no, I’m no fool, you won’t die here today. *pulls out hammer*

Darkfan21: What are you…

*with blinding speed, Fusionater smashes the hammer into Darkfan’s leg*



Fusionater: AND ANOTHER!!!

*He smashed the hammer into his second leg*

Darkfan21: Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh! *Gasp* What have yo done!?!?

Fusionater: Congratulations, for all your villainy, all you’ve amounted to is a pair of broken legs, you’ll never walk again, I hope your happy.

*walks over to Moviefan*frees him from the net*

Moviefan12: Fusionater…

Fusionater: We’re leaving.

*DisneyOtoko walks in*

Fusionater: I had a bit of downtime, I managed to build the device that would get us out of here, I ironically used darkfans own tech to do it.

DisneyOtoko: What happened in here…

Fusionater: DisneyOtoko, we’re leaving.

DisneyOtoko: But…

Fusionater: Now.

*they open up a portal, and start walking in*

Darkfan21: WHAT!?!? You can’t just leave me here!?!? COME BACK!!! YOUR GOING TO DIE AND I*tries to stand* AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!



*Elsewhere, a mysterious figures looks over Darkfan’s latest failure*

Mysterious Voice: Four times now, he’ had the chance to prove himself and take out one of these three idiots. Hell, Moviefan pretty much gave him the win but NO, he couldn’t get Fusionater out of the way. He has screwed up once too many. His days of dealing with Moviefan12 are over! It is time that Moviefan met his match, nay his superior. Killing him would be too easy. Instead I must see to it that he becomes the new Darkfan21. It is time for Moviefan12 to meet Anti.

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