Haunted Mansion Tribute plus The Story and Song of the Haunted Mansion

Theme Song by Brian Setzer and owned by Walt Disney Records

Theme Song by Kevin Quinn and Randy Peterson


Welcome again Foolish Mortals to another installment of Haunted Mansion Month! This post is going to be a little lackluster because if I’m going to have Haunted Mansion Month I need to talk about the classic attraction, but what is there to say that hasn’t already been said? It’s an amazing attraction! That’s pretty much it. However, I’m not going to completely waste your time so here is a ridethrough of the Mansion in good old Anaheim. The true original Mansion that resides about 350 miles south of where I live.


Now you are probably wondering what that introduction at the beginning of the video was. Well for you non Mansion/ Disney fans that was a recording of an old promo LP for the original opening of the Mansion. It was narrated by the great Thurl Ravenscroft (the baritone singing bust) and it was done in the style of a radio play. It starred a young Ron Howard as Mike, Robie Lester as Karen, Eleanore Audley as Leota and Pete Renoudet as the back up Ghost Host for Paul Frees. Although he doesn’t have the deep sinister voice of Paul Frees he supplements this by upping the creepy factor and giving him a really creepy echo. This was recently released as part of the 40th anniversary of the Mansion on CD. Enjoy!

“The Story and Song of the Haunted Mansion”

I hope you all enjoyed the videos. I’m sorry that I didn’t have much to talk about today, but if you stick around in about a few hours I will post my very first crossover where Moviefan12 and I look at the awful Haunted Mansion movie! Wish us luck!

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