At the very start of the year I did a blog discussing past mistakes I had made. Since then I have done over a hundred blogs which have been perfect with absolutely no mistakes in any of them

Yeah, right…let’s take a look at some more mistakes I’ve made this year. Like last time most of these come from comments after the article posted.

#10 Spelling and Grammar Errors

If you read my stuff this one should come as no surprise. I use Word which has a spellcheck and I do try to proofread, and yet spelling errors still pop into my articles. What are worst is when I make grammar errors. Like saying Now when I mean KNOW. That is grammar school stuff, I realize, but these mistakes keep popping up. When I was working on the crossover with MovieFan12 I had to correct a couple of bad typing errors and omitted words. And in my collab with Atreyu I made at least two errors inclduing calling Gulliver’s Travels Gulliver Island for some reason, I guess it sounds a little like Gilligan’s Island. I feel bad when I have to make others correct my work.

#9. Alex Kingston in more than just ER!

This was more of a missed opportunity than a mistake. When talking about my favorite charactes I mentioned how I loved Alex Kingston’s portral of Dr Corday on ER. Nothing wrong with that, but I glossed over the fact that Ms.Kingston has had a very succesful career since then including episodes of CSI, SVU, NCIS, or course her recurring role  on Dr.Who as River Song I saw some clips of her on that show and it sure looked as though she did a fantastic job. She did that series for about five years and was very popular from I can gather. I think that I should have mentioned that she has done very well since ER went off the air, so I did it now.

#8.Sometimes six is enough!

When I did my article on Sitcom Face-off’s I will never do, I had six choices all set to go. At the last minute I decided to add one which really didn’t make sense. I was trying to point ouy that I did not like The Drew Carey Show or That 70’s Show, but forcing them together like that was, well, forced and made no sense.

#7.I did in fact like Walt Disney World!

In my article on five bad things that happened to me at different times at Disney, I failed to convey the fact that those incidents were far and between, and did not reflect the fact I loved The Magic Kingdom and enjoyed every minute I was there. I was trying something different with that article, but should have taken a different approach since I came off like I hated Disney or ALWAYS had bad luck there which isn’t accurate.

#6. Peter Griffen is stupider tham Homer Simpson!

In my article on Dumb Sitcom husbands, I put Homer in the #1 slot and did not mention Peter at all. Many pointed out that peter Griffen is much dumber than Homer, and I should have at least included him as an honorable mention. True I am no Family Guy fan but I know enough about the show that I should have figured that one out

#5.Animated Disney Trailers Were Not Bad!


I did an article on stupid things Disney used to do in their trailers back in the 80’s and 90’s, I hated on the classic animated movie trailers with those classic voice overs. Truth is, those trailers are iconic and I have no real problem with them. I was really just trying to make a clever joke, which was neither clever or funny.

#4.Trouble Unpacking my Adjectives

This was embarassing. I wanted to do an article on the movies that I loved that are not as popular as others, those little films that we enjoy which are not major hits. If that is how I had titled it I would have been fine, instead I tried to get creatve. First I called them “forgotten” films which was wrong. None of the movie I listed were really forgotten. Then I did a follow up and called them “underappreciated” movies. That may have worked if I had not put on Father of the Bride which is a pretty well liked movie.

#3.What about the other Memorable Scrubs character death?


I did my article on sitcom characters that are unexpectedly killed off. One of the examples I discussed was the infamous Brendan Fraser episode of Scrubs. But there was another character death I did not mention. Later in the series, the wisecracking, very religious nurse named Laverne was suddenly killed off after being in a car accident. This was quite a surprise, happening at the end of an episode out of the blue. Why didn’t I mention this? Because this felt forced, as if the creators were running out of ideas so why not kill off a character. The next year the actress was back on the show as a character who was pretty much teh same as Laverne. Lame. The problem is, I shouldn’t have overlooked it. At the end of the article I disucssed some examples of character deaths which did not work for one reason or another, and this should have been in there as a prime example. Sometimes you never know what people are going to respond to, I expected to get comments on that famous Growing Pains episode instead everyone reminded me of great examples I missed. For instance Les also brought up a great one from One Day at a Time which I simply had no knowledge of.

#2.They did show Lex being captured in the original Superman movie (sort of)

I did a blog comparing various versions of the Superman characters. At one point I was making a case that Michael Rosenbaum was a stronger Luthor than Gene Hackman. I stated that we never even see Superman and Luthor battle in the first movie or just see Superman capture him. Instead we just see Superma carting Luthor into prison. My friend Les pointed out that was not totally accurate.  There is a deleted scene where we See Superman storm in while Luthor is punishing Ms.Tesmacher. He sweeps in saving her, and telling her that her mother sends her love while staring Luthor down. Luthor just looks on realzing he has been captured. It is a deleted scene but it still renders that statement moot. I checked it out and it is a cool scene and a great Superman moment and should NOT be a deleted scene! What, another 90 seconds would have just made a 2 1/2 hour movie to long at that point?

#1. Problems with Pictures

Ok folks. no kidding around with this one. I owe everyone on this site an apology, and let me explain why I say that. I started using pictures more and more in my articles. Then a few months ago I discovered I could directly link from a random web site without having to do the extra work of saving the pic, etc. Well, this caused problems. I lost count of how many times I had to go back to replace a picture because the photo suddenly disappeared or was marked so it could not be hotlinked. It spoiled a few good articles also. Now if I had done this once and never again, then that would be one thing. But I kept doing it, most notably in my episode guide for Friends where the pics, and even the title on a few occasions, would either not be there or up and vanish at some point. This is unacceptable for a few reasons. One, I wasted more time fixing this problem when I could have done it right the first time. Two, it’s an insult to the folks on this site who do put the work in. If I am going to put something up for others to read, and if someone is going to give me five minutes of their time to read and/or comment, then I better put the time in to make the article the best that it can be. I swear from now on if a picture is an article, I haven’t been lazy about it. I used photobucket or have no pics at all. I am sure this has been noticed especially by the admins who see my stuff occasionally before it gets published and wondered why the heck my pics keep vanishing. So I apologize again.

There you have it, ten more mistakes. I try to do better but I am sure we will get together for another list like this eventually For now I hope you keep reading my stuff and I will work to get it right. Gotta get out of here, but before I do I leave you with one last thing, because I simply don’t know any better :



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