If you read my stuff than you probably know I am a story person more than an action person. I get bored watching endless explosions, car chases, and people being gunned down. I want a good story with interesting characters. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t enjoyed a good action movie from time to time.  So here are five action movies that I just loved.


Just a fantastic concept done very well! And it stars Keanue Reeves, who knew? This is one of the few action movies I have happily watched over and over again. The premise is so simple but effective, bus can’t go over 55mph or it explodes. Dennis Hopper is also great as the villain, maybe one of the few really decent roles he had. This is also the movie that put Sandra Bullock on the map, and she is really adorable here. For some reason they made a stupid sequel, but I was smart enough to avoid that.


Speed was a brilliant premise done very well. This was an absurd premise done vey well. I mean really, switching faces with someone? Who came up with that? But to be fair, it is done great! John Travolta and Nicholas Cage are just fantastic. The film manages to be exciting, action packed, and also even works as a psychological thriller. I loved the first sceen when we see John Travolta after the face switch, it just works so well! We know it’s coming, but seeing Travola when we know he is really the one chained up just worked. This movie always fascinated me, how many films can an actor die as the villain only to walk back in as the hero?

The Fugitive
I was surprised how much I liked this one. It was a toss up between this and Air Force One but I saw this one in the theatre. And it was great! Of course it was a remake of a TV series from the 60’s that I never saw. Or really heard of when the film came out. Harrison Ford was perfectly cast and Tommy Lee Jones was great as the officer hunting him down. The film opens with an amazing train crash which was real impressive for its day. Just a lot of fun.
Die Hard


Oh, hell yeah! Bruce Willis starred in the movie which set teh standard for action movies. Yeah you had Commando and Rambo, but Die Hard is the one everyone loves! Why? I think its because Bruce Willis, or   , is such an everyman. He’s just a cop trying to be a good father and dealing with his ex-wife. He gets roped into a situatoon he didn’t ask to be in, and the action is just right. It’s set at Christmas for some reason, and I know many people consider this a favorite Christmas movie. Ok, I don’t subscribe to that but it’s still Die Hard! It’s awesome! I did see the 2nd Die Hard and it was ok even if it was just a rehash of the first.
Lethal Weapon 1 & 2
I know I saw the first two, but honestly I don’t remember them that well. For instance I totally forgot the film was set at Christmas (what is up with that anyway?). I remember a few scenes here and there. The one moment that always stood out was the scene at the end of Lethal Weapon 2 when Danny Glover had the annoyimg villain in the site of his gun. The villains smiles and proclaims he has diplocmatic immunity! Glover fires, and says it’s been revoked! Kick ass scene.


Just to show that I have seen a movie since the 90’s ended. I didn’t see it in the theatres but when I heard the premise I decided it was something I might like. I checked it out, and it was really good! Yeah the stuff with the dreams could get a little confusing but for the most part the story worked and the action was exciting without getting boring. I actually liked Leonardo Dicaprio, and as for that ending I will insist that it was real and not a dream.
Indiana Jones


Which one? All of them! Except the Kingdom of the Crystak Skulls. Indiana Jones set a standard that many have tried to copy for years! But you can’t top the original. The action was always fun in these movies, as was the humor. Remember that scene when a guy with a sword thretens Indiana, and he replies by simply firing his gun at the swordsman. I actually liked Kat Capshaw in Indiana Jones too, does that make me weird?
Jurassic Park


Hell yeah! I went to see this hesitantly but it was the biggest blockbuster ever so I went to see it. And I loved it! It was really good without being to scary or gruesome. If you saw the NC review than you remember is bit about the T Rex. Yeah I can agree, especially that last scene when the T Rex saves the day in the last second. AWESOME!!!
Mr & Mrs. Smith


I loved this movie, it was a fun kind of action movie. I say that because it has the kind of action you only see in cartoons. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie play a coulple who are married but don’t realize they are both spies. They find out and have to exterminate each other. They proceed to kick the crap out of each other, without causing any real harm. It’s far fetched, but lots of fun. The two had great chemistry and when I saw this it was the first action movie I enjoyed in a long time.
That’s enough, though I could continue. Guess I liked more action movies than I realized.
Honorable mentions
What about Terminator? I am sorry to say I barely saw the first one and never saw the second. James Bond? I saw many of them as a kid but don’t remember them to well. Rambo? Never saw it. Commando? Same answer. There is a lack of Arnold here isn’t there? I did see True Lies and it was, ok.  Mission:Impossible? I have no idea what the heck was going on in that movie. Transformers? Saw it and the action went on waaaayyyy to long. I did see Midnight Run but don’t remember a thing about it. Finally if you’re looking for a great old action movie, check out The Dirty Dozen. It is really good!!


So what were your favorite action movies?

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