Going back in time, when you thought things were easy

You ever thought that the sky was ever really blue, or just covering something big

Nothing is never a simple color, every one has something to hide

Red isn’t just love, but also lust

White isn’t just pure, but also duller then gray

Black isn’t just nothing, but also death

You ever thought that maybe people had more then one life, I have in all colors and shapes

Nothing has one side of life, if they did their a liar

You feel the love of the pure, but also the hate of the damn

You ever thought you didn’t fit in, your not alone in that

You ever thought that everything has a reason to be, life your life and tell me in the end

Maybe the light will be clear at the end of this road, no more stopping

Blue isn’t just calm, but also lonely

Yellow isn’t just cheerful, but also shy

Green isn’t just greed, but also joy

You ever thought that nothing will change, it will with choices you make

You ever thought that you were nothing, but really you were something unknow to all

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