We fight to keep others safe from harms ways.
A chance to fail is to soon to tell now.
There were times we tush the early bright days.
But things have appeal to that we mustn’t bow.
Young and barbaric, we take it with pride.
Nones to say where it will all go from here.
Foes will always continental divide
Us, but know deep inside, we will lone seer.
Kids, yes we are, but with big hearts we stand,
For others that don’t have that chance anymore.
We hold out to those who need an clear hand.
We are what will end battles before war.
As some soldiers hit the dirt heavy.
We will be there to help and fight for them.
No one had said you had to be dressy,
They suffered this day would come up for them.
But yet that is how the ball rolls in time,
We are the other kinds of mates in crime.

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