When I met you, my life turn anew

One night, is when my life to flight

One girl, against five men

Not a fair game, Those men were nothing but old flames

I hear tears, but not out fears I knew

I turn to see you, to the ground crying

You shiver, of what I don’t know

I try to talk to you, but soon I’m at a wall

A man the size of a building, over towered me

He was about to punch me, but something stop him

You stop him, holding his arm as best as you could

You tell him what I did, your words proved my deed

The man backs off, its just you and me

You say your thanks, and start to walk away

I grabbed your arm, not to rough as the guy takes a step are way

I ask if we could meet again, I didn’t know why I just wanted to talk to you

You look at me with big, diamond, black eyes, my heart was a taken by you that day

I’m shock to see where you stay and work, a sweet like you is a stripper

I meet your ‘family’ that took you in, you were just a baby in box back then

Your ‘father’ and owner of the place, lets you work here but never’s go on stage or the back rooms

You want to go college when you can, and become a lawyer someday

At 15 just like me, you still got a long way to go

Your ‘sisters’ love you with all their hearts, they keep on track which they never did

The big guy I find out is your bodyguard, he what make anyone fall to their knees

Something as sweet and pure as you needs to be protected, I ask if I could back to see you again

At first, you didn’t want to trouble me

You didn’t the other side of me, soon you say its fine

I have a reason to leave my dark world, only wish you knew it

In a back corner table, you there waiting for me

When you work, you’re a waitress to the slime balls here

Your father keeps hawk eyes out for you, even when I’m here or not

I find out that those guys from before, have attack you before

Luckily to me with just gladness, your bodyguard was there for you

You have never done what your ‘sisters’ do, so I know for a fact you’re a virgin

For me to hear that, I’m glad

For over a year or two, I come to see you

I could never give a damn of what my family think, that was until they found out

They call you things, I know your not

I told them, I’m not leaving you

To the point I will marry you, and that’s a promise I won’t break

That kiss we shared, is what to keep that deal all those years up till now

My love with you will never die, as a stay near you forever

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