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Greetings TGWTG fans and casual viewers. Today’s a special day, it’s the one year anniversary of Moviefan 12’s first blog. And in honor of Moviefan’s first blog, I have compiled a list of the top nine darkest moments in Disney history. Now I think most people are familiar with Disney’s penchant for killing off parents, but dead parents only scratch the surface of just how dark Disney can get. In this list we’ll see revenge, betrayal, religious overtones, siblings murdering one another, and much more. So without further a due, here it is, the nine darkest moments in Disney history. Oh, and I’m sorry for the lack of clips on some of these.

#9. Scar murders Mufasa from The Lion King- Note: This will be the only moment on this list that involves dead parents, the reason being that it’s all too common is Disney films and if I were to include all the times a parent died the list would be nothing but that.

So it was either this or Bambi’s mother getting shot. The reason I picked this one was because unlike Bambi, this involves more than the death of a parent, it’s brother murdering brother. Plus we actually get to see Scar murder Mufasa, unlike Bambi’s mother’s implied death. And if killing his own brother wasn’t dark enough, Scar destroys what little innocence Symba had at that point by making him believe that he was responsible for the death of his father. Overall I find this moment to be dark in a very classical kinda way, Shakespearean if you will, something one would see in a classical play. I also though Scars ironic use of long live the king was a nice touch.”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”300″

#8.  Copper swears revenge on Tod from The Fox and the Hound- This and the other later darker scenes provide a nice contrast to the earlier scenes of Tod and Copper’s idyllic childhood friendship.  There’s really no build up to when they become enemies, no animosity that slowly grows over times between the two, but there doesn’t need to be any.  It’s just in their nature to be enemies, moreover it’s Copper’s nature to hunt Tod. Old Chief nearly getting killed is just enough to set their destinies in motion.



#7. Woody in the lair of the mutant toys (A.K.A Sid’s Room) from Toy Story- That Sid is one messed up kid, I wonder what he’s doing now, probably a politician or a lawyer….oops, I’m getting off track. It’s a tragedy what happened to these presumably once normal toys, they really go to show just how messed up Sid is, as a matter of fact I would go so far as to say they reflect his psyche, to a degree at least. I think it’s safe to say that if Woody and Buzz remained in Sid’s house for any longer they would have shared the same fate as the mutant toys.



#6. The death of Ray from The Princess and the Frog- Death is nothing new to a Disney film, but like I said, it’s usually parents dying, and we’re pretty much used to that. But having a supporting character get killed off near the end of the film is something we’re really not used to seeing all that often. And on top of that, Ray dies in a sort of very brutal way. To put it simply, he dies like a bug, and I mean that both figuratively and literally.



#5. The curse of Pleasure Island from Pinocchio- To me this moment gives off an almost Holocaust like vibe. These kids are stripped of everything thing they own, including their identities, than they’re shipped off to god knows where, presumably to work for the rest of their lives.  Also, the Coachmen may be interpreted as something of a pedophile, make of that what you will.



#4.Night on Bald Mountain from Fantasia- This one has it all, demons, spirits, and all kinds of ghostly apparitions, but none of that stuff makes this dark. No, what makes this one dark is how Chernabog (the demon) raises up all these spirits only to strike them down and how he takes beauty and completely tarnishes it. His evil is a special kind of evil, it’s a poetic sort of evil.  Oh, and also this one has uncensored boobs. While that’s not really dark, it sure isn’t for the kiddies.


#3. The Queen’s transformation from Snow White-  Probably the ultimate case of vanity. The Queen is so jealous of Snow White that she’s willing to destroy her own beauty in order to trick and kill her. Granted the spell she uses may only be temporary, but I somehow doubt it though, I mean it’s never out righted stated if it is or isn’t.  And who would have guessed that she was an expert chemist, or alchemist, which ever you prefer. Also, the Queen’s secret lair is super creepy, the skeleton adds a nice touch to it.


#2. Shan Yu and the little girl’s doll from Mulan- To me this one comes off as being unintentionally darker than it already is.  There’s the obvious implication that he and the other Huns are going to find the little girls village and murder her and everyone in it, which they do. Then there’s the other implication that he not only plans to murder her and the village but also plans to, as Alex from a Clockwork Orange would say, give her the old in-out. Call me sick for thinking this, but he’s a Hun so it’s not hard to imagine that’s his intention.

#1. Judge Claude Frolo and Hellfire from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Unlike Shan Yu, it’s pretty clear what Frolo wants to do with Esmeralda, the only problem is that Frolo is a man of God who’s purer than everyone else, or so he believes.  Not being able to have her drives him crazy, and he figures that if he can’t have her she should burn at the stake. I can’t recall in other time in Disney history where theme’s such as lust, religion, and morality were used outright like they are here, and in truth, I don’t think Disney could get away with something like this today. This one moment showcases a time when Disney wasn’t afraid to be dark, and in my opinion this was the peak of artistry for Disney.



So that’s my list, I hope you enjoyed it. I like to think that Disney put’s these moments in not just for the sake of being dark and edgy, but to try and ease us into adulthood when we’re growing up.

Special thanks to Positive Troll for the feedback, Writzblock for the clips, Fusionator for teaching me how to attach video’s to a blog, and Moviefan himself for his advice. And happy anniversary Moviefan.


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