It blows through your hair, living a chill down your spine.

Takes what left of what you know and never gives back.

Wipes away the tears of lost for you, fades the truth for you.

You can hear it call out to names of the forgotten.

See the waves that it rises and crashes to the boats that on top of the water.

The wind holds the air you breath, even when you don’t know when you took your first breath.

It has no color or shape, only a name that we all know.

It has no face, some say it does have a soul.

And it shares with us when we need it.

When the air thickens the wind thinks we don’t need it.

We cover it with are virus, it harder to breath when don’t listen.

As it’s start to thin more and more, we start to fall.

It is a sign to change life or we lose it all.

Hear the words it tells saying we’re dying and should take a stand.

How can we, if we don’t know where to start.

The answer is start at the beginning and go from there…

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