Cowboys and Aliens Review


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There’s really nothing much to say about “Cowboys and Aliens”. The premise is quite simple: In the late 1800s in the old west Aliens are attacking various towns and places and so a ragtag group of ranchers, townsfolk, outlaws, and Native Americans set out to hunt down the invaders and rescue the people that have been abducted.

The key to their success is an outlaw named Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig) who escaped his abduction with a type of gun bracelet that allows him to properly combat the aliens. He is aided primarily by the mysterious “Ella”(Olivia Wilde) and Civil War veteran Woodrow Dolarhyde (the AWESOME Harrison Ford). The story is a very straight forward “shoot those damn aliens” movie in a western setting. The acting is very well done and Craig and Ford have good chemistry and play off each other well. The other actors are no slouches either giving in solid performances.

One of the things the film does very well is capturing the daunting task ahead of the group. The film shows just how outmatched and outgunned they are (with the exception of Lonergan’s arm gun). So when there’s moments of suspense you really feel it because the audience cares about the characters and the odds of winning are extremely slim. Another great thing about the film is the great showcasing of the New Mexico desert’s beauty. The setting is wonderful and evokes the scale of the greatest westerns.

Be warned if you’re looking for something special you aren’t going to get it here. This movie has an interesting premise with great locations, acting and atmosphere, but a fairly standard story. This film is a great, entertaining popcorn movie that is pure summer fun!

Verdict: 3.7 cowboy hats out of 5


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