The land is cover by a dark, eerie black blanket and the glow of the stars

Yellow eyes scan it from top to the bottom

Until there it was, the kill

So innocence and vulnerable, the perfect pray for the night

With the speed of light, the kill is on the ground…with fear flashing through its eyes

The monster rise it sharp claw into the air to for the deadly blow

Until the soulless, yellow eyes see something in its meal

The kill makes no move to get away, but to only gaze into the eyes of the beast

The weight of the monster’s body is gone, and it steps away

Its deeps voice tells it to leave the woods or die now by his hand

His kill does not move, but ask why

Only says in return…”I am a monster.”

The kill shakes its head no your not, and only to leave the monster lost of his kill said

The kill wakes away, but says something that was another lost of words

….”I’ll be back, and your not a monster.”

Was he not a monster, or just one he was always thought he was

His kill had mess with his head and only to see its again, soon

Very soon…

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