Heart is trap. Soul is lock. And spirt is crush.

Heart yearn to be free. Soul wishes for a key. And spirt wants to be reborn.

But we all know there is no such thing as freedom, a key, or being reborn.

Because we only get it once and it never comes back, and it’s only for what we lack.

When you hear the very things that keep that very body alive, you know you’ll only see black.

Black! The very thing we see in dreams and never know if it’s good or bad.

But we know it could drive you mad.

The key is all we know that can and will work for you, but yet it was never made.

The trap was made my man. The lock is your choice. And the crush was you let in and out.

Do you believe in the simple things or the biggest will help, well you better hope it’s what you want.

You better know you failures. You better stop worrying. And you better for the love you got to be reborn.

Because you only get one chance in your life and whatever you do is there forever.

Even you don’t see it, it will feel like a fever that will never go away.

Find your key before it’s to late…..

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