I would like to say I am very sorry for the video not coming in. I was really excited to do it. But, it’s done and facts show there is no video coming, no need to linger on it. But I am not letting those questions that people found time to ask. I am still going to answer them, just not the way I promised to do.



So without much else to say this is from your host: T-kun Unusual Wordsmith III.





1) How did I come up with my username? (From Chilton)

Well before, it was just T-Kun Odd. And I was thinking after having it for a while, that name didn’t come close to who I was or what I wanted to become.




And . . . ta-da! With each part of my username; holding, a certain part of me. T-kun Unusual Wordsmith III: Well each part is base something I little bit about me.




Starting with the first T-kun, it’s more do to with an old slang (No clue of what dialect) I heard around when I was little, Kun (Koon) meaning a night owl or who does inhuman things when sun goes down and just adding the T is mostly for the start of my name, which if anyone wants to call me, it’s Tia.




For Unusual it was part of how others saw growing up, kind of the outsider, was on special watch from adults and such. In other usernames, I have done the same. A pattern I love in my own way, that defines me, be it good or bad.




Wordsmith is easy on its own for it’s a type of way of saying what you like to do. Much like that of a blacksmith if you will. My style to be known would be writing, and now and then, I would be gleefully called out on it.




And lastly for the III, is a family matter that deals with how many think of how writing petty little words will get somewhere in life, or for the matter what could they possibly do for others. With first being my late great aunt from my mother’s grandma’s side and the second being a cousin of mine of the same side of the family of my grandmother but on her father’s side of his youngest sister (I know, try keeping up with this family tree and your mind might just blow up from confusion), who wanted to be a writer, but was cut short, when losing feeling with his body from the neck down, not long later losing his voice. So, I guess in my sob way, I keeping the pattern going, hopefully somewhere down the road, there’s going to be a forth. (Thumbs Up) Here’s hoping.





2) If you could quantum leap into a famous person in history but you only had the choice between Elvis two days before he died while on the can or David Carradine two days before he died trying to auto- erotically asphyxiate himself, which would you choose? (Man With No Chin)

Well when given just the two. Most likely; the latter of the two. It’s just that I am not familiar with this person, so I am more open to the option. As to Elvis, who is been leaving folks mouths so much, I have gotten bored of him. Not of what he’s has done. But mostly for the never ending joke of it.




3) If you could murder any (fictional) sitcom character, which would it be? (Man With No Chin)

I don’t normally watch sitcoms, and if I did. I had no idea that’s the name they went by. But, if had to say on the character . . . well more than one. I have Peter G., Roger (America Dad), and The Great Gazoo from the Flintstones. One’s a horrible father, one’s a drunken, bag of shit that came nothing else but of a single mother jackass who was glad to rid of him, but sadly on our planet and the other has a voice that makes my ears bleed when he’s on screen. If that comes close to how I feel about them, that is much to come of them, as they gave reasons to drop the shows all together and never look back. Yeah, I’ll hear things about them, but I won’t give a big damn about them.




4) What is your greatest inspiration for your work? (Big Black Hat Man)

My greatest inspiration of my work? That’s hard to say, really? Anything. But I end up writing when I check out, kind of a health thing. Some people say from those who had gave me feedback from what it could be, from movies to music to life to emotions. So, I guess everything and anything can be inspiration, it’s just how far your mind is willing to go. And my shows no limitations of it.




5) What was the most fun you ever had? (Big Black Hat Man)

Going to my first comic con. That was fun. Got a lot of new comics, saw some cool things. Brought lots of memorably. Got to meet some fellow Webbers from other sites I’m on. So, yeah it was a real blast to put it short.


(I am the short one in the middle pointed the gun at the blonde next to me)





6) Who is the most inspired author you have ever read? (Big Black Hat Man)

Umm, well, you see when I was younger. Reading was a little on the hard side for me. Kind of a nah says for people like me to be seen reading a book of any kind. Only book I was able to read at first was a small hand size book about ten pages long with maybe about six to seven words a line each page, about a tiny rabbits daily day and how he handles it. It was because of that little book I wanted to read more, but in the dark of others so I wouldn’t be teased about it. Now, it’s freer with reading, leaning on comics mostly but still the same with less words and big pictures. But if there is some books I have read from start to end, those people would be: Diana Wynne Jones (Howl’s Moving Castle), Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian, and a few others but I am not sure they count but yeah. . . there are some other authors but their mostly for animal books, human body, space, how things work, and so forth.



7) Considering you are starting a new show, what is your favorite thing in the whole world, the thing that makes you happier than anything, and how could you work that into the format for your show so you will have the maximum amount of fun creating your show? (G@IBREL GR@Y)

Even though the video couldn’t come through. I am still going to answer it. It would have been my dream catch that I got from my late grandmother from my father’s side of the family. For she once told me that your dreams and nightmares makes you into whom you are. Back then and now. As a reminder of when you were younger, comes into passing to what you are as an adult in a whole. As well sticking to my roots (No matter how many there is) I hope that answers what you’re looking for Mr. GR@Y, even though the video couldn’t make it through, at least know the dream catch is near when I do my work.

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