At first glance, you see a spilled mess of paint on a canvas,
Your left to ponder on it forever.
There could be a clown or a mime coming out of its shell,
Or not.

Brain runs likes a rat maze will no exit,
Leave not only me confuse.
Words are said as a light breeze or a twister,
Be ready for any kind of weather.

A lone wolf is in disguised to blend with any pack,
Whatever it takes to survive.
Moods are as a unknown, unstraight, rainbow with many shapes and colors.
The cops could never blame a baby with a machete.

A one legged chicken got’s better balance then me.
And a  fish’s memory puts me to shame.
Einstein is hiding behind a stoner.

The couch potato can be the next all-star.
Angel and devil skip town for me to fend on my own,
That road of life just got more harder then before.

I can’t always be the white sheep of the family.
This book is not the purest to read right a way,
Pace yourself in the future.

Monet lied saying my dot was in that painting,
Leaving stupid and danger as a snack for me.

This paper heart has no chance against that typhoon,
Sharp glass is on my road of life with each step on bare feet.
Caution must be taken.

The volcano can blow at any moment with no warning,
Love to me, is like being shot or watching the Titanic sink.

Fragile as China wear, a charging bull stands to protect,
When the future life comes to play,
The turtle will lay back with an umbrella drink,
No point in messing with a bunch of psycho hares.

You may love or hate this random untitled story.

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