Dear Journals;

    It has really been a crazy moth for booth me and my friends. First I ended up getting hit by a car. And to top it off it lea o my friend thinking it was all due to a make believe monster Tom for reason only know to him had made up. This lead to my friend attacking people who so much as tried to use their phone on street corners, stairs, and even places where people go to eat.



 Yep it was a crazy few weeks in the neighborhood so crazy that number of kids getting grounded by their parents had jump by 50%. In all -thanks mostly to Parkland things seem to be slowly returning to normal. Well –so for. Normal varies by the people you hanged out with in park slope. And believe me their idea of normal is gonna on adventure as well as coursing trouble in every turn. So Yha, normal in Park Slope varies by the people you offend hang out with.



   In all I can’t say that what my friend had done these last few weeks was a complex waste of time. From what I understand many kids and adults are being more cortouse in using their cell phone around dangerous areas. Parkland of course had told me it was because most people still think the kids around the neighborhood is going poured water on them or throw their phone on the floor the first changes they get. Personally I think it’s a bit of booth.



   Even the Francellies had done a bit of good. They confessed the store manager to have pamphlet about how to use a cell phone safety. I thought was a cool idea and Ray himself have given me one to read which I plain to do over the weekend.



As for me I had learn a though lesions in cell phone use and this broken leg I have alone with this stuff hand that is making it hard to write will forever remained me never to use my cell phone while crossing the street. Believe me I do not want to end up back in the hospital or worse.




Alan Hole.


By Jockerlee 77

2012 Manic

2012 The Net

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