Issued 41

   The children had all gathered around the store mangers as he explain ever detail what the form can do. The children was in shock at the feature the phone had and yet Billy could help ask the same question he and his friends was dying to ask.

   “So let me get this strange: You can watch TV, download movies, and watch movies on your phone. Watch TV on this phone. I can download music and listen to the radio. I could put my picture on this phone as well as look at some numbers on the wall on some kind of street. I can go on the web and set it is so it could wake me up to go to school in the morning. This including unlimited texting?

   “That’s correct,” the manager said kindly as the children gathered around the counter; staring down at the devise in fort of theme.

   At first on one said there silent. That is Intel Maria along with the rest of the group look up at the store manager and said “You still call this a phone?” while the Manager looked rather confuse as the question they had just ask him.

By Jockerlee 77

2012 Manic

2012 The Net

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