Issued 38

   It was close to eleven when P-Mobile had opened its door for business. Both the worker and the manger was setting everything up when one of the male employee had ether the manager’s office and inform then that a group of kid dress in what he thought was school uniforms asking to speak with the manager. At frist the manger did not pay no mine to what his employee was telling him but once he notice that the kids who was in a group of six (four boys and two girls) and was all wearing dark glass was looking right at him. Although they where kids the manger could tell there they mean business and weather then just tossing them out of the store the Manager thought it was best to approach the fort counter to see what it was they wanted.

   “He’s coming,” a girl with long bold hair name Maria whispered into her older brother’s ear.

   “Good” Ray said while talking to the others, “now remember guys let me do all the talking and just follow my lead. If we play our cards right we never have to worried about the horrible cell phone monster ever again.

By Jockerlee 77

2012 Manic

2012 The Net

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