Issued 31

   When Alan had entered the chapel wing he was surprise to see just how many of his fellow pears were waiting for him. Even the nurse was shock the all of the benches was fill with nothing but children with a few adults standing silently at the corner.

   All of the kids in attends was talking over each other. That is intile a girl wearing a follower hat had saw Alan and yelled “He’s here, as everyone inside the chapel became quite, and all eyes was on him.

   “Alannnnn!” some of the kids had yelled out to him in joy as they run toward him and was talking over each to the point that Alan had no clue what they was trying to tell him.

   “Alright—alright—sit down!” Parkland yelled at the kids for they evenly sat back down and gave Alan a joyful stair.

   “This part was not easy,” parkland whispered to Alan while he as well as the nurse was just stunned what they were seeing, “But most of the kids you see here had been grounded for—well you get the picture.

   Alan did get the picture. And with that in mind Alan was thinking how he could confess the people in fort of him (including the ones he did not know) that this so call cell phone monster does not exist.

By Jockerlee 77

2012 Manic

2012 The Net

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