Issued 30

   No sooner did visiting hours began the nixes day did Parkland walked in Alan’s hospital room dress in jeans and a matching blue bottom down shirt. Knowing parkland might show up early Alan had put on jeans short and a tea shirt over his hospital grown and while resting his good leg on metal cane Alan began to wonder now more than ever how Parkland plain for him to tell all his friends without leaving the hospital.

   “You ready?” Parkland said while placing her hand on her hips and staring at Alan.

   “Where is everyone? Are some of them waiting outside the room?”

   “Yha like the Hospital is gonna allow a beach of rug rats romping the hospital corridors at the same time while they are trying to get to their other patients,” Parkland said while rolling her eyes. “Everyone is waiting for us in the chapel on the lobby.”

   “The lobby!” snap Alan, “I can’t go to the Lobby. The nurse won’t allow it.”

   “Don’t worry you mom and dad had clear it with your doctors.’ He said it was fine just as long as you nurse take you and that you won’t stay there no longer 40 minutes.”

   “But I can barely walk down the hall in this leg let alone walking to the lobby.

   “You are such an idiot,” said Parkland while rolling her eyes again. “Did you really think I would let you walk on your bad leg knowing it may cause more harm. No you are going by wheel chair. The nurse is gonna wheel you in the chapel and once it’s over the nurse is going to roll you out.”

   “I see—well I guess we better be done with it then,” Alan said in a low tone for he’d wish this day was over already.

   “Hmm,” Parkland said while shaking her head before looking at someone outside the Alan’s room.

   Than a nurse had entered the room with a hospital wheel chare in hand and give Alan a warm smile which made blush.

  “We’re ready,” Parkland told the nurse while Alan slowly and painful made his way towards the wheel chair.

   As nurse scroll Alan down the corridor with Parkland following beside him, Alan could not help but wonder how in the world ends up in these kind of situation. I not like he goes out and look for trouble and yet trouble always seem to fine him. He also had started to wonder how Parkland Monskey has always managed to get thing done in time when you think there is nothing she herself can do. Never-the-less Alan feels that these are just some of the many thing he will never have an answered too.

   “Err, P, Alan call to as they made their way towards the elevator, “just how did you manage confess mom and dad to go along with your idea?”

   “That part was easy, Parkland reply I had told them about the event that was going on round the neighborhood and after your sister got grounded for pouring a bucket of water on your father for thinking the cell phone monster was standing outside the door, they were more than happy to help out in any way they can.’

   “Oh—I see,” Alan said in a low tone wishing he had never asks the question.

By Jockerlee7 7

2012 Manic

2012 The Net

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