Opposites what they were, two different worlds soon to become one

She was born to protect and care, he was made to serve and obey

She was what people who love her back, he was what people fear

One night they meet, the world change everything for them

He was told to rid of a problem, she wanted him to chose what he really wants

She had dreams of could happen, when he had nightmares he wish won’t come true

Both worlds found out about them, try hard as they might to break that bond

His words to her to keep her safe away from his world, she only wanted to be him safe in her world

One day she fines out he’s not normal, but she wasn’t either

His master’s takes what he holds dear and goes to save her, her family never wanted them to be together

He agrees, soon leaves across the sea

She tries to go after him, he says go back where she belongs

In return, where ever he is…is where she belongs

No was the answer, and leave her in tears

One day she made a promise to go after him, one day he made a promise they would meet again, soon

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