The roads they say are hard and unbearable, feet bleed before the third step

Off I go to the great unknown, I have find answers

The questions I have won’t be answer here, the land before my own must have them

I must know the truth of the lies I lived, but do I really believed them

Who knows, that hell hole was just as bad

Off I go to find my true path, one that is not lead by evil

I hope to see land not cover in blood, endless souls that can’t a home

No, I can’t live that life no more

I give one life for a new one, I want my fears to go away

I will not live this way no more, not as a slave to you

All I can say is good-bye, good-bye forever and no I’m not coming back

Off I go, my world will start to black on me as I walk away from you

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