It’s dark, has no life that walks on it’s ground.

You can hear the things that live in the dark.

The trees are old, moldy, burn, and falling apart.

The land only has a one way road in and out.

The houses show no life within.

The people never show after dark, the light is told to be there hero of the night.

So many children have lost of sleep of the creatures that lurch the land.

It once had a proud name to the little road, now only known as nightmare lane.

Children growing up with only fear as a know person to them.

The adults don’t know what to do, but let them grow up that way.

Many couldn’t take and let their blood spill on the cold ground.

Some don’t make to age 17 and their lucky to pass that.

Family show no feelings to what happens to them.

Once you lose one, the feeling goes away in time.

Nightmare lane could be street you walk on, I know I found my nightmare lane.

It shows no promise that I will make, my siblings before me sure didn’t…

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