When I did my Top 26 Favorite Films, I noticed that I only had One Animated Film on there. So I decided to make a List of them to make up for that.

( It’ll probably be obvious for my Number 1 is since it was one my favorite films list. )


13. Sita Sings the Blues

I recently discovered this one not too long ago, and was really surprised by it. It was done in multiple animation styles based on what the scene, the main character’s dialogue was all Annette Henshaw songs & ended up being really enjoyable for me.


12. Heavy Traffic


Ralph Bakshi. He’s always made some bizzare Animated films & I felt the need to include one of them on here. It’s got alot of Adult themes in it (as most Bakshi films do.) and I found it to be a memorable and Bizzare watch.


11. Fantasia


It’s Fantasia. I don’t really need to say much more. (If curious, My Favorite Segments are Night on Bald Mountain & Soceror’s Apprentice.)


10. Yellow Submarine


Peter Max Style Animation mixed in with Beatles Music. You can’t go wrong with it.


9. Toy Story

Although I like a lot of Pixar Films more than this, Toy Story has my overall favorite. I like the characters, the animation was ground-breaking (Some parts of it haven’t aged well.) [Plus the story has been used alot.] It still ends up being very enjoyable for me.


8. Akira

Ok, I don’t watch much Anime. I’ve only seen 4 Anime films and this one I found the most enjoyable. The Animation in this looks outstanding and ended up being an enjoyable sit for me.


7. Alice in Wonderland

This has to be my favorite Classic Disney film.  I’ve watched it alot as a kid and I often will still watch again. I also often read the original story as well.


6. Iron Giant

Brad Bird has always been one of my favorite film Directors. I always love his films, especially this one. I like how it’s set up similar to a B-Movie in the ’50s where you’d see films about Giant “Monsters” (Bugs in particular.) or Invaders from Space, I Like the Characters (Mainly the Giant & Mansley), the relationships of the characters, and the animation. [ I also find it interesting Pete Townshend produced this.]


5. Secret of NIMH

It can be a favorite Animated films list without Don Bluth, So I picked his most popular. I like how it has a Dark Atmosphere to it mixing Science, Nature, & the Mysterious. I love the use of Backlighting for the Animation, the film has a good cast, and It’s a great film.


4. Secret of Kells

This film has some of the best Art Style & Animation I’ve ever seen. the Animation looks like it goes 3 Dimensional at times, even though it’s hand drawn, The Characters are likeable, and It not obnoxious as some animated films can get.


3. Persepolis

Of course I picked a film that’s had some controversy behind it. This one dealing with a child growing up during Iranian Revolution, based on the Director’s Novel. I liked how the animation was mainly in Black & White in the past, plus I ended up liking the main character and found her life interesting. (Especially since her uncle was voiced by Iggy Pop.) I highly recommend seeing this if you haven’t yet.

2. Mary & Max

I discovered this a Month Ago and I was amazed how dark the subject material was for this film. I never expected a film to dive into the territory of Child neglection, autism, (particularly Aspergers) Depression, and Anxiety. The characters in this looked a bit ugly, I found it interesting how one both of the characters’ worlds were both in Different colors. The film ended up being a bit depressing, but enjoyable as well.



and my #1…..


1.Nightmare Before Christmas


I’ll do a quick recap of my thoughts on my film. It’s my first Stop Motion Animated film I’ve Seen, It looks amazing, I like the song, and it ended up as one of my favorite films.

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