Do you hear that, the sounds of screams, plans crashing, the roars of fire

We were attack, did you not hear it

Many people die that day, we couldn’t do anything

We stand to see and listen what’s going on around us

Lives were lost that day, no one would have seen it coming

What were we thinking to let something like this happen, what fools are we

Souls of women and men lost in one day…one day

Clouds cover the land and people are to scared to move or think

Listen over and over what was going on, made no defiance to others

We couldn’t stop something that was never plan by our hands

Are you listen to what others are saying, blood has been unshed and is no planing on leaving

What have we done? Could we have stop this or not? Could any of us be ready to say good-bye?

No! But listen to the words of our leader, he could lead us to victory

Sweet victory is what we will have when we fight back

Be ready, to fight for our land and the people who died by the outsiders

Listen and be ready for anything

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