I’ve noticed that I’ve looked at a lot of Dark MLP fan-created projects on here. I mean I’ve looked at some fanfics, games, and videos that have all been a bit on the dark side.

I think it’s time for a Break.

I decided for the next couple of “Letters to Celestia” Blogs, I’ve going to try and stay away from the Graphic Stuff I’ve looked at in the past and look some that are happy and are a lot like the show. For Today’s topic, I picked a random piece of fanfiction that I found online, and the one that I chose is called “Never Stop Smiling”.


[I’m not showing Images for now since they are major spoilers for it.]


The story is told from the perspective of Rainbow Dash and is in the form of a letter which is being addressed to Pinkie Pie.

In the letter, Rainbow tells Pinkie of how much she had fun with and reminisces about the good times they’ve had together as friends. Plus she brings up the facts of how she was there to comfort when she was REJECTED by the Wonderbolts Academy. She then starts to develop Feelings for Pinkie but never really admits it to her.

The Next day, Rainbow awakes to find Pinkie not moving…at all…for several hours… She then comes to conclusion that Pinkie Pie died.


She’s then taken to a Hospital where it’s revealed that she apparently had a Disease (It never states the name) and Pinkie apparently never revealed it to anybody and pretended like it wasn’t there at all. Obviously, everyone is completely distraught by the news and Rainbow was the most crushed by the news since she had recently develop feelings for her. (Which was the day before the incident.)


The Letter that she’s writing is apparently being written 8 YEARS after the whole incident and she tells to Pinkie what happens to everyone after it. Twilight moves back to Canterlot where she becomes a Royal Assistant to Princess Celestia (She doesn’t become a Princess. This was probably written in between Season 3 since they reference “Wonderbolt Academy”.) Rarity and Fluttershy apparently start Dating and become engaged, and Applejack and Rainbow Dash get married. Although she still has feelings for Pinkie. This is the main reason why she wrote the letter, to tell her this since she didn’t have the strength to do so when she was still around.



Personally, I don’t really care about Shipping and I don’t Ship anyone either. So the whole idea of this fanfic seemed like it was one big Sad Shipping Party. It reminded me of something like Love Actually if the Alan Rickman/Emma Thompson story affected all the others and it had a sad ending.


Most fanfics exist in some kind of different reality due to the situations that involved in the stores. This one was very similar to the show’s storyline with some minor changes to it. (Twilight is not a Princess, Rainbow being rejected from WBA, etc.)

If only Quinn Mallory was there to help.



To be honest, I do not like Rainbow Dash at all. She’s my least favorite character in the show and she just makes me upset whenever she pops up. (I’ll probably explain why in the near future.)When I wasn’t looking foward to reading this since she would probably do the same old stuff she always does, but in this she didn’t actually bother me at all in this. She actually seemed likeable to me and she showed some genuine emotions in here.



Overall, I thought this was a pretty decent Fanfic. It will seem like one big ship-fic towards the end of it, but I’m use to seeing ALOT of those so it didn’t bother me. I guess you can read it if you want to.

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